APPS: luv ’em, hate ’em ( 2015 )

ALARMAPPs are like little Christmas presents for me. I open new ones often, buy some, try many, and reject regularly. APPs are applications or software for iPhones, iPads, iPods and their Android counterparts. I use the APPLE orchard of devices, so I will be writing about the APPs that are used on the APPLE devices.

SUPERCALI have had an interest in computers for over 30 years, closer to 40 years. I fell in love with calculators when they began replacing slide rules in the 1960’s. Young people today have never heard of a slide rule. But then, many children would not know what a rotary dial phone is. The scream of technology is deafening and fascinating and I am mesmerized by that unfolding world.

EASY NOTEI am introducing a new section to my blog which may prove useful to device users, a section which will be my commentary and evaluation of various APPs. I find it exciting to see the great variety of APPs which are being created every day. Many are practical, useful and should be incorporated into daily use by iPhone users. Obviously, there is much chaff among the wheat, lots of junk among the jewels. I will try to separate the treasures from the trash.

ERRANDS TO DOSo please visit back and check out this section of my blog.

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