LIBRARIES: Assoc. of PPL Book Clubs ZOOMS with CEO Jackie Flowers

CEO of the Pickering Public Library zoomed with the executive reps of the Association of Pickering Book Clubs shortly after taking office.


CEO Jackie Flowers met with Gail Aziz, Heather Stuart and Richard Szpin in a meeting to better familiarize herself with a number of the book clubs of Pickering. Flowers expressed her views about the importance of book clubs to the community in general and to their vital role in keeping older adults socially involved and socially active.

Flowers explained the many considerations which have to be made in policy development by any library, from budget constraints to political and social impact on the community. She further explained how the Pickering Public Library was making every effort at keeping strong connections with all the book clubs of the community. She emphasized how her staff, book club liaison staff person, Jessica Trinier, staff executive Kathy Williams and community relations officer Carolyn von Hasselbach work hard at maintaining and further developing connections with the community and book clubs. Though some staff were highlighted in particular parts of the discussion, Ms. Flowers was most emphatic in her praise for other staff and other departments such as the IT staff and the staff working with re-opening of the library during the COVID-19 crisis.

Ms. Flowers demonstrated her awareness and increasing familiarity with the number of problems facing the library currently from budget to COVID related issues. In regard to the latter, ZOOM teleconferencing is being examined and its broader use by book clubs is being considered. Again, Ms. Flowers was emphatic that many issues and items are on the table for consideration. However, there are many aspects to each consideration before thought can be given to implementation.

Ms. Flowers ended with some hints of future library developments such as the library Internet website. Nevertheless, the emphasis was on hints as she is still in her honeymoon period, professionally speaking, and needs more time to familiarize herself with the Pickering Public Library system and its structure along with getting to know the Pickering Community. Positive changes are being considered in a number of areas as Ms. Flowers sees the need to re-evaluate a number of aspects of the library operation and community involvement.

Ms. Flowers projects herself as being a very dynamic professional. Her explanations and discussion reinforced that the library is being managed by an executive who puts people and patrons above profit and politics to whatever extent she can.

Our discussion with Ms. Flowers was very positive and the Association of Pickering Book Clubs is looking forward to the constructive changes to the library. We recognize Ms. Flowers’ dedication and commitment to the development and strengthening of its connections and relations with its community.




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