Aug 30 – Election pandamonium

Even Rotzy cannot resist commenting on the federal election being called during another wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

*’Common sense’ is not a gift, it’s a punishment. Why? Because you have to deal with everyone who doesn’t have it….and lookout because there are FAR more of those that don’t than those that do! **Did you realize that if you sit on the toilet at 11:59 PM and the clock strikes midnight, it’s the same s–t, different day. ***How important does a person have to be before a simple/run-of-the-mill /everyday shooting/murder/killing becomes an ‘assassination’? Thanks for these and keep ’em coming folks!!

And The Winner Is….(*see below)
    Well, the entries for The “F/N” Re-Name Dundas Street Contest have dwindled down to the point where it’s now fitting to name a winner….the response was good, altho some names were scratched by the “F/N” judging panel because they were not within the bounds of what a weekly community newspaper would willingly put on their/our pages….even if Rotzy did have to stifle the odd chuckle here and there. Anyway, back to the Contest….and we ended up with a ‘tie’ dont’cha know! (*see above). Well sort of….both entries convey basically the same message, with a slightly different spelling, OK? 1/ Dum-ass Street and 2/ Dumb-ass Street!! So….SO….there you go, and “F/N” congratulations go out for #1 to a reader up in The Big Turnip, no stranger to “From Nakina”, nor winning “F/N” contests, as he came up with ‘The Nipigonewrong Memorial Bridge’ several years ago. The winner for #2 lives in Greenstone and is a “F/N” first-tyme winner. Alas, yours truly only has ONE prize to give away….the ‘all-inclusive one-week stay at Sandals Resort/Spa in Hawaii’….(FOR ONE!!) S–t. Gonna have to work something out that’ll make both of ’em happy….but by all means without breaking the “F/N” bank account. Two to Honolulu? Nope. Hey! Wait a minute!! Methinks I’m onto something here….TWO one-week-all-inclusive stays at PTS in scenic Nakina, ON. Choose between the convenience of The Shores Motel, the comfort and privacy at the recently renovated Schram Villa, located just on the southwestern edge of town, or one of several fully serviced cottages sitting on scenic Lower Twin Lake. A fishing paradise….no matter which of the three you choose. Tell you what, Miz. Jo and Rotzy know the folks at PTS, fine people they are, and I know we can swing a deal that will keep both winners very happy, hence I’ll contact them and let the readership in on the results. Besides, in regard to Hawaii, I don’t think Joe Biden’s letting Canucks into the USA yet anyway. By the bye, keep in mind that the Dum-ass/Dumb-ass Contest only refers to the section of Dundas Street within the GTA….nothing to do with Woodstock, London, Brant’s Ford and/or all the many cities/towns/villages who also have a Dundas Street….and/or whether they’ll be stupid enough to follow Hogtown’s lead in this incredible waste of tyme and money. But it doesn’t end there…, no, no, it doesn’t! The well-established, highly respected school (soon to be) formerly known as Ryerson is undergoing a name change too!! Mr. Ryerson (unbeknowingly) recently pissed off a group of folks for his behaviour over a century ago….similar to Mr. Dundas’ sorry-ass situation, however, methinks ’twas a completely different ‘situation’ AND a totally different group of people. I can hardly wait until the ‘Ryerson Renaming’…tho I know not who/whom is in the running? No matter….you can bet your diddy-bag it’ll get stuck in somebody’s craw. Watch. But now I want to know…..NO….I DEMAND to know, why in the hell did they switch Waterloo Lutheran University to Wilfred Laurier University some 30 or 40 years ago??!! Is that not a smear job of the Lutheran religion??!! What’s going on? And, was nobody able to dig up some dirt on Wilfred, as they did on Messr’s Dundas and Ryerson. Well, at least they kept the same initials, eh?….W.L.U. C’mon man…..he was a politician! A Prime Minister for goodness sake! Lookit, what they’ve done/are still doing to Sir John A! Whoa! Can you imagine what they’ll be doing to Jr. Trudeau’s statues 150 years from now? Damn….I wasn’t gonna go there this week! Jeez! Anyway, “From Nakina” is gonna ‘opt out’ on any further Dundas St re-naming….wherever they may crop up….and another ‘opt out’ for Ryerson. Wait, they could call it Nosreyr College. Yep….that’s the one!

Waste Not/Want Not
    Or say it the opposite way….Want Not/Waste Not(*see below)…. Miz. Jo and Rotzy have seen it every year here at Skyline’s Commune Garden and raised boxes, the results of people who think ”wouldn’t it be nice to eat our own produce”, but not realizing there’s more to it than simply tossing some seeds in the dirt, then slicing a beefsteak tomato for your BBQ’d burger. A LOT more. The results….or the lack of them….especially at this tyme of year, and altho there’s little, if anything, good to say about summer 2021, it’s been an amazing growing season! Rain….sun….rain….sun….hot….more rain/sun….hotter. This is evident here at Skyline as well as over at Hope C/R Gardens….part of Brantford Community Gardens network, which I understood was being used by folks who were ‘the more serious’ (and dare I say ‘knowledgeable’?) type of gardeners. I grabbed the last available 10’x10′ plot….#58….as they finally turned it over to me on June 10th, two or three weeks behind everybody else. Hey….no problem….the olde ‘beggars vs choosers’ thing, right? But I gotta tell you about the WEEDS….never seen nothing like it in 40-odd years of growing stuff! Not even close!! Some of ’em are well over SIX feet tall and the more prominent variety gone to seed/in flower. Still, tonnes of tomatoes survived in spite of them….numerous types, ripening and rotting in the dirt. Makes you wonder where in hell  HJ Heinz is with his ‘harvesting equipment?’ but of course, a couple of years back HJ ‘bailed out’ on Leamington/Ont/CDA in favour of May-hee-co, hence next tyme you need catsup/ketchup remember that and get French’s! OK, OK….I digress, Yet interestingly, in spite of The Garden Of Hope being inundated with tamates and cetera, where in hell are these 57 (Rotzy is #58, remember?) so-called ‘more serious/knowledgable’ than your ‘average/below average gardener’. Tell you what…..50% of the plots at Hope C/R Garden are ‘weed-choked’….and half of that number (I kid you not!) will yield diddly squat. Nothing!! ”Such a wonderful experience, the growth of your own vegetables”!  🙂 Like somebody said ”want not/waste not.

Anybody Would Know….
    You don’t need to belong to MENSA. Hell, an IQ in the range of an Orange….or a Loaf of Bread….would suffice….to realize our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau called on the new Gov/Gen last for an election to be held ASAP (Sept 20) in an effort to gain a MAJORITY government. TWO years into the current prescribed FOUR-year term! No other reason….not the handling of the pandemium and nothing to do with the vaccine(s). If you don’t buy the Majority/More Power reasoning, then your IQ may well be situated BELOW that of the aforementioned Orange and the Loaf of Bread. Hence, right in the Bag Of Hammers bracket. So….SO….J/T was told VERY emphatically by every poll in the land, the voice of the Public, and not to mention, even some of his key Liberal Caucus members….”NO!….WE DON’T WANT AN ELECTION”!!! Junior became deaf as a post….went ‘full speed ahead’. It says here that J/T ****ed up!….Big Tyme. And now….methinks he KNOWS he did. **** up…..judging by the unmistakable look of fear/terror on his face, after a couple of last-minute cancellations. ‘Pandemium’ had/has become ‘Pandemonium’. This violent stuff….Rotzy doesn’t wanna get too ‘dramatic’ here, but perhaps it’s ‘bordering on terrorism’?….has NEVER been seen in Canada’ so congrats J/T for making history. It’s YOUR CALL/YOUR ELECTION!!

*Thought Of The Day…Sometymes I wish I was an octopus so I could slap eight people at once.

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