GOOD EATS: A&W not your regular fast food eatery anymore !

A&W aint what it used to be. It has really become the champion of fast food eateries and the Toronto location at which I had my lunch, on Warden Ave., just south of the 401, had to be at the top of their food chain! It was excellent and that it is an understatement. It was so good, I had to write a comment to the company. Can you imagine! Here is what I said…

I dont think I will have enough room to write you here. But I will try.

I haven’t been to an A&W since I was a teen. I am 68. I was attracted by your recent ads promoting the Teen Burger as beef without steroids. Deeeelicious !

But the restaurant is what I want to compliment. The food should be good without saying. Serving the fries in that cute little basket, a really classy touch. How do you keep people from stealing those baskets…they are so precious! The fries were superb. Crisp, dry (not greasy), tasty, hot…I dont think I could make them better at home or get them better in a 5 Star Toronto fine dining establishment. The burger, all the same…tasty, whoppingly big, enough lettuce and tomato to rate it as a side salad…but the taste, excellent.

Finally, the restaurant. May I tell you that this is one of the cleanest, best maintained, presentable fast food restaurants I have ever eaten in. You can tell from my verbosity, how impressed I was. This place was outstanding. The wait staff, Philipinno, I am sure, pleasant, polite, professional…perfect! I have lived in Canada for all but 2 of my 68 years, and if more Canadian born workers were as polite, personable and professional as this wait staff was, they would have no problems finding employment.

I have one niggling problem which I am going to guess is not something over which the restaurant has no control: the entrance to the restaurant, over a curb, has a pothole which if I were riding my motorcycle, I would consider a death threat. The pothole is so bad, so deep, it would likely damage my car’s suspension if I were driving in at night and not see it. Somebody is going to sue over that hole. It has to be repaired…soon. (It was within days of my note to the restaurant manager/franchisee. Bravo!)

In sum, this fast food experience has to be one of the finest I have had in over 50 years of fast food dining. I have had only one place that I can say comes close to matching this experience. But it is no competitive threat because it is in Dayton, Ohio and it isn’t a franchised chain.

But again, if this location is indicative of the new A&W’s quality now, then, the chain should be rising to the top of the fast food chain very quickly.

I work with seniors and write a “daily living” blog with a small readership, maybe a 1000 hits a week, but I am going to write something about this A&W location, something positive and constructive. I don’t normally do such feed backs, but this fast food experience was so good, I couldn’t resist writing to it.

The A&W at this location should get the CHEF’s hat of the month for operating such an outstanding place.

I will be back though my waistline and cholesterol level (as measured by my dear wife’s cautionary notes) preclude frequent visits. However, a monthly visit to try something different from the menu wont make my heart specialist blink an eye, I am sure.

Again, what a fantastic lunch at an absolutely spotless and presentable fast food establishment. The best in Toronto…bar none!

This eatery was all that I said above…it was Grrrrreat !!

Visit back soon.

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