TERMINATE and CLOSE ACCOUNTS IN WRITING or you will pay for it.

Going paperless. 
I was reminded recently by TV commercials and by email as well as snail mail that Hydro One could make me a winner if I was to go paperless. That means they want me to do my billing and payments via the internet. Sounds good, except for one thing!

Get it writing
When my parents moved from their house into a seniors’ residence about 6 years ago, they cancelled their Bell Phone and all related billings, which included the internet. However, when I started looking after their bank accounts last year, I noticed Bell was automatically withdrawing for their new internet, phone and Fibe TV account and one week later were also withdrawing for the internet from the old house. Bell had been charging them about $107 per month for over 5 years for an account that was to have been canceled. When I inquired about this they said a written notice should have been sent to them to cancel. And they claimed they did their due diligence by sending notices to the old email address. Remember this was paperless now, so no notice was ever received by my parents. And since Dad was unable to use a computer anymore due to memory issues with pin and password numbers he couldn’t even get into his new accounts with Bell. Because of my complaining Bell agreed to reimbursed for 12 months only, and told me they normally only reimburse for up to 3 months. At least it was something.

Tis the season!
Santa is making appearances at malls, parks and many other venues. My wife and I boarded the Polar Express train in Uxbridge this past Sunday and even found him there. Ho, Ho, Ho.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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