Bill McLean, Ward 2 Councillor, not seeking re-election

Thank you for all your years
of public service Bill McLean!

Now, enjoy many years of healthy
and energetic retirement

Bill McLean, Councillor Ward 2, not seeking re-election

Maybe Councillor McLean is being upfront in his explanation for not seeking another term or maybe he prefers to keep the real reasons to himself, in either case, he seemed to be offering sincere explanations when encountered at the recent Pickering Canada Day celebrations in the Pickering Esplanade.

Accompanied by Counciller Maurice Brenner, McLean explained that it was time to hang up the councillor spurs and sit on the porch, at the cottage, at the vacation home or on the back yard deck after 22 years of public service.

Councillor McLean says he wants to take full advantage of good health and lots of energy to travel, vacation in the Caribbean and fully enjoy time with his family.

He has enjoyed his time on council and is appreciative of the many years of support he had. They were challenging years as political life is wont but they are years for which he is most appreciative and grateful.

He thanks all his supporters most sincerely and says it has been a real honour to serve the public in his role as councillor for so many years.


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