Bits and pieces on SAVING shopping money !

As I receive more responses, more than I expected, I find it is a greater challenge to categorize them. However, each reply is important as each gives a different perspective with the same goal…how to maximize your shopping dollars.
Again, I thank every person who has replied.
“I live alone so my input may not be too valuable. Nevertheless I do review the flyers received on a Thursday from the local merchants and shop accordingly. Basically I look for quality and affordability. Before I donwsized to a one bedroom apt. I use to buy in bulk and store it.”
Aline R.
“I shop at Almost Perfect and Sal’s (brand names in packages, the place is not spotless) in Ajax for some food items.  I buy at No Frills and Loblaw’s with my PCMC and receive points for all purchases.  I also buy food at Freshco.  They’re almost always cheaper. It adds up quickly.  I get back about $25  a month in free groceries.  I never buy clothing or household items unless they are on sale.
I have a Kobo, so I can download and read books from the library, or if there’s something special I want to read, I’ll purchase it through Kobo and they are always at least 50% less than stores.  I visit church bazaars and they usually have a variety of handmade items that make wonderful gifts and I also shop on line, comparing prices.
Gwen W.
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