RICHARD's desk...: Canada’s mosaic, a treasure to be valued

Canada’s great diversity enriches all of us!

When asked where he would prefer to live if he had but one choice of countries, a local Spanish teacher was unhesitating in his response:

Canadian citizenship, a priceless treasure.

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Recently, a very special luncheon was held at the Pickering Islamic Center. The Islamic community of Pickering held this lunch for the third year in a row, as a symbol of their appreciation of members of the Pickering community played a role in further developing and incorporating the Islamic community with the Pickering community as a whole.


Councillor Butt









Emcees, _______________________ and City Councillor Shaheen Butt emceed the festivities from the dais, introducing the many notable invitees adding an explanation as to the purpose and reasons behind the celebration and contribution made by the particular guest in bridging the Islamic community with the local one.

The Center’s Director of Religious Affairs, Imam Mufti Abdul Mannan Mulla welcomed guests to the celebration a brief but important explanation about Islam and jihad. Jihad is not an activity of conflict but one of ‘struggle’ for all Muslims in the world, a struggle to maintain and practice their faith, a struggle to maintain and continue their culture and their traditions.

Mayor Dave Ryan

Mayor Dave Ryan expressed his gratitude at being invited to the appreciation luncheon again. His message to the gathering was a reminder that Christmas is a time of celebrating the universal values of love, peace and community. The greeting heard everywhere at this time of the year, “Merry Christmas,” has a universal message common to all societies and to many different cultures.

The approximately two hundred guests represented a wide swathe of the Pickering community and the luncheon was an opportunity for these guests to see the Islamic community’s endeavours at being incorporated as part of it.

There are many people working behind the scenes at the development of the Islamic community into the broader communities of Pickering, Ontario and Canada.

As one looked around the room at the many guests in attendance, one’s appreciation for the Canada was strongly reinforced. The fullness of the Canadian social-cultural mosaic was displayed by the rich palette of Canadian society, Asians, Blacks, Caucasians, Chinese, First Nations and Turks. The languages spoken at the various tables also very diverse, Arabic, French, Metis, English, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Pilipino, Polish and Turkish and many more. Indeed, this gathering demonstrated that Canada really is a wonderful blend of many cultures and social groups bonded together by peace and respect for one another. This assembly was the Islamic community’s reinforcement of that philosophy.

Richard, Imam Mulla, Councillor Butt

It’s great to be a Canadian and to see how another part of our national community enriches all of us.

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