Please forward this post to others. Thank you, Richard

I have a number of “Categories” in which I write.

BOOKS is about what I am reading. I am always reading and wish I could remember all the stuff better than I do. I use Kobo ereader for much of my reading and like it a lot as it maintains my library for me. I also borrow from the local library, ours is very current and technological up todate. To bad they dont have a way to store information about what I do there, what I read, and my notes about that.

COOKS is about food. I love to eat and it shows. I love to cook too but I am only fair at it. To cook well, you have to be patient, persevering and follow guidelines. I am none of those things, so my cooking is kind of haphazard but I have some specialties that really work and I do love the adventure of trying things out, a new creation, a new idea, a new way of doing some old dish.

NOOKz is my catch all category. As any of you out there, you are a multi-dimension person with many interests, hobbies, tastes and bucket lists that you are working on. I am the same with interests in photography, travel, motorcycling and people !