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An epiphany, I’ve reached it in my life. I want to EAT BETTER and IMPROVED HEALTH.

I need your help and support in this endeavour. Therefore, I am declaring publicly that I am changing my lifestyle, not acting as a model but trying to change how I live. If publishing this and my progress helps others, I am gratified as my website is dedicated to helping older adults. But I need your help, only one thing…please join my support team…I need you.
Send an email of support with a pen name which I can post. With your help, I will succeed.

Send your email to  [ copy and paste ]

Richard S.
Nadia G.
Fermo S.
.There are three tiers to this lifestyle changing strategy:
1. Set your own GOALS (see my ed on health needs
2. Refer to my personal  PROGRESS LOG for ideas and useful tips and
3. Use AGNE’s ACTIVITY LOG to record your own daily activity.

  • POPEYES (on Rylander, Scarborough)
  • Meal timings affect your waistline
  • Our GOALS
  • Diet Doctor – an interesting website but it is commercialized
  • FREE TOURS: Food shopping & Label comprehension