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Section still under development.

WAGGERS is for WRITERS, new ones, experienced ones, newbies starting out, veterans looking for new ideas.

Our goal is to support and help writers with their work, help with promotion, marketing, productivity and network development so they can focus on their work of writing.

A worthwhile difference? WAGGERS think so. Our members are encouraged to be more active, more energized and a little more outer-focused. At this time, we are in development to see how we can become better at assisting all writers. We are not critical of other writer assisting groups and wish them well. However, our mission is to develop ourselves into being better assistance.

Interested in joining?
If you join WAGGERS,  you will be asked to:

1. occasionally give feedback about the new section and
2. invite at least one writer to join us.

For more information or to join contact: 
Richard   at

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