RAVES & RANTS: _____ CBC…I’m leaving you!


CBC…Canada lives here! Bologna or baloney! Take your pick.
It doesn’t do the news anymore…nope, not with POV, TWITTER and TWEETS. The public network is pandering, pandering to the basic tastes or maybe one should say, the base tastes of the public. And why shouldn’t it. Bottom rung of the Neilson ratings I would guess, it continues to bleed public money. So let’s boost the ratings. More “People” magazine stuff, more ‘short attention’ span stuff, more appealing to the sensationalist lovers. CBC you’re doing it right now! Take it to the bank…maybe.
    News from Syria with videos of shootings, detonations, buildings collapsing, OK. But doing a minute video clip of a mother mourning over her children, their dead bodies sprawled out beneath her as she crawls over them. This is news? We knew there were deaths, deaths without selection. So let’s show the audience how bad it is. Let’s show the full glory of war with all its carnage, all its slaughter, all its massacres. Yes sir, our national news service has the courage to show it all, all in its sensational glory. No holds barred. Nobody is going to stop CBC from delivering the worst, the deadliest, the goriest. It is our right to know this stuff. It is our right to be exposed to the unvarnished truth, blatantly vivid accurate reporting. Yes sir, CBC is going to give you the goriest, bloodiest, deadliest news possible. It won’t be out done by CNN, or FOX or any of the other networks in their news broadcasting. No sir, CBC can compete. CBC can rank with any of them. It’ll give you blood. It’ll give you gore. It’ll give you the bare truth, whether you want to see it or not.
Yup, if you don’t like it, you can turn the channel, or better still, turn off the TV. And CBC will continue its descent in the ratings, losing more of my money. Yup, let CBC skip the news as it tries to solicit viewership with pandering, with sensationalism, with gore and more. CBC’ll find the secret to ratings success. CBC’ll keep throwing the video darts until the ratings gauge begins to climb. Skip considerations if it is newsworthy. Simply test if it will run in Kapuskasing, Swift Current or Salmon River. If they’ll tune in. If we can get those viewers, we win the ratings war. Wonderful. And more reporters keep their jobs. Right now POV guarantees Miyoung a job, no matter that it aint the news. Point of View isn’t current events. It’s coffee talk, bar room philosophising. It’s taking the temperature of public opinion. Never mind the news. Skip that. Let’s make what people are thinking crisis reporting, as it is real news. Way to go CBC. A mother torn to shreds over the death of her children in a civil war. Now that’s current, up to the minute reporting. And top it with people’s views. Yes sir, earth shattering need-to-know stuff. Your editorial staff is on top of their game. They know what to report, to broadcast and they know how to crank up the ratings dial. They’re ensuring their jobs but that’s not news reporting. Senationalism, yes, POV, for sure, news broadcasting, ahhh maybe, only if it bleeds more than just a little.
No CBC…you’re wrong. Canadians don’t live where you are. Reality is sickening…we thank you for reminding us. We are so lucky to be able to see it first hand, to see it in its bloodiest gore. Thanks CBC! But then that’s just my POV.

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