RAVES & RANTS: CBC…why must I pay for such lousy service?


CBC is our national broadcaster. That means every Canadian citizen is paying for the service through taxes. So we have a right to say something about the service and I intend to. I want to complain.


Inferior broadcasting
If you cannot fill the hour with news rather than talk show fillers, then cut the newscast in half. I am tired of all those panels, business panel, political panel, medical panel…ever hear of just giving us the news!

And then the newscasters
Where did you find these schlocky amateurs, almost to a person, from Wendy Mesley who cannot stand in front of the camera without rotating a prop of papers in her hand to distract the viewer to Mike Wise who is still trying to learn how to read a teleprompter correctly. Aren’t these newscasters supposed to be professionals? Aren’t they professionally trained? Are they above reviewing the news reports they are about to read before going on the air? Mansbridge at least has learned to read the news by being a very professional news reporter and it shows. Why not use him to train the others!

Ads galore
OK, commercials pay the freight but who is in charge of marketing the network? Or are there no takers…which may be the problem. How many times do we have to see ads for the CBC network, ads for its own shows, ads for Rick Mercer? Ads for the National? Give us a break….no, not the CBC, It’s relentless push and promo of itself…sell to revenue making companies…don’t leech your own coffers. But perhaps Ford, Mazda, Nissan, GM, etc., etc., see the network as a loser…and do not want to place ads on it for that reason. Can you blame them, lame as they are !

This is just the start….


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