There are many events happening in the Pickering/Durham region. We posted the ones for which we received information on our “Community Board.” 

Have you got something to gripe about relating to Pickering/Durham? Got a gripe about something in the region? Write us a note about it and we may post it on our new GRIPES board.



Upcoming events:

EVENTS: Pickering Christmas Market nt 1 - Pickering Christmas Market was a great evening for everyone who attended: Christmas lights everywhere, holiday decorations in all of the Esplanade, music playing, carolers singing, sponsor tents with holiday goodies, and beaver tails too. If you could not attend, we … Continue reading
ARCHIVES: Christmas Market evening - A great evening for everyone who was able to attend, the weather perfect just like a cold fall night should be, the crowds excited and enthusiastic populated with lots of kids.


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