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This Pickering/Durham region comprises of more than a two dozen ethnic communities who want to better integrate with the community of Pickering as a whole. The goal of our “COMMUNITY” section of the website is to provide news and information about the various communities, their celebrations and the events they are having.

As Pickering residents, we hope alls our site visitors will will support these eithnic events, thereby helping the Pickering community grow bigger, stronger and more united.

Pickering benefits, Canada benefits, we all benefit.


Upcoming events:

EVENTS: - Artfest on the Esplanade: “A Lishman Celebration” Saturday, May 26, 2018 Esplanade Park, Pickering Civic Complex 11 am – 5 pm Every summer, Esplanade Park comes alive with music, dance, crafts and singing, along with children’s art areas and artists demonstrations. … Continue reading
EVENTS: MP Jennifer O’Connell concerned about planned public hearings concerning Pickering Nuclear Plant license renewal - A public hearing about the Pickering Nuclear Power plant license renewal is to be held in Courtice. We do not know the date, time, or specific location as we have not been able to find the information. MP O’Connell found … Continue reading
EVENTS: Don’t sit…get fit ! - Exercise of any sort improves your health, physical, mental and even emotional. So get moving…join a fitness class. Here are some that are available locally for PICKERING residents.
EVENTS: Painting workshop -  Moved past the finger painting stage? Or just interested in doing so? Here’s a PAINTING WORKSHOP that will help you become a budding artist.
EVENTS: Downsizing your home, is it right for you? - 55+ Speakers Bureau at the George Ashe Library & Community Centre Pickering, ON, Friday, May 8, 2018  The Community Services Department 55+ Program sub-committee is thrilled to announce the next Speakers Bureau!
EVENTS: Mystic Music – A Message of Harmony and Peace -   Afghan Canadian Cultural and Educational International Organization The Afghan Canadian Cultural and Educational International Organization (ACCEIO) in cooperation with the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship invites you invited to our event:


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