Congratulations Canada and Julie Payette

Congratulations Canada !

Congratulations Madame Payette !

Your excellency, Madame Payette, we congratulate you on becoming the new Governor General of Canada.

Some things to know about Madame Julie Payette:

Chemical engineer chosen from more than 5000 applicants to go into space. She worked on the International Space station…and was in space TWICE.

Madame Payette speaks English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian. In her induction speech, she even spoke a native Canadian language. Her induction speech lasted about 30 minutes and she spoke without any cue cards, any notes.

She is an incredibly well-rounded person: a certified deep sea diver, a licensed pilot, an accomplished and talented pianist, a vocalist who has sung with world known symphonies,

She holds more than 20 honorary degrees; is an inspiration to women and young girls across all of Canada and in particular at the Julie Payetter elementary school in Whitby, Ontario.

This is one special woman…and now she is Governor General of Canada !

O Canada ! O Madame Payette !

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