Cousin Chester, R.I.P.

Cousin Chester Kuczynski, a hell of a nice guy !

Chester was my cousin. He was a guy who everyone liked from the moment they met him. He was personable, affable, lovable, always smiling, always with laughter ready to tumble out of his mouth.

I remember when he was born. He was a late life baby, coming 12 years after my aunt and uncle had their other son, Edward. Everyone was shocked as Edward was seen as the last one ciocia Phyllis and uncle Joe were going to have. What a surprise when Chester arrived, a joy from the day he arrived.

Chester put a smile on everyone’s face, all the time. He was destined to be the sunbeam to everyone’s day in later life. He was the tag-along to¬†Edward and me, though there was a polarization there too as I was the country bumpkin from Sault Ste. Marie, Edward was the ‘super guy’ from big “TO.” Chester was the middleman, neither big TO, nor small town persona. He was just plain lovable.

He eventually worked at the Bank of Nova Scotia as an exec. and undoubtedly he was a shining star in the organization as he had the kind of personality that everyone loved.

The last time I saw him was when I motorcycled to the lake area on which his cottage was sited. The signpost said, “Kuczynski’s”…not much chance of being at the wrong place with a surname like that out front. There it was, a unique little cottage that he and wife, Bonnie, were working on to restore and modify to their liking. It was a nice visit. The last time I would see this great guy!.

Rest in peace, big guy…we’ll all miss ya bigly! And I’ll bet the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl for ya Chester.


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