Dec 20 – Christmas excitement grows

Christmas excitement
Readers Write
Even ole Rotzy is getting excited as he dreams of yule logs and Christmas carols around an open fire.

Not unlike last week’s R/W item, this reader is also taking taking aim at the ‘non vaccers’. So check ’em out. *I guess we should retire the expression which warns us to ”avoid it like the plague”, given how little effort people put into avoiding an actual plague. **I don’t know who needs to hear this, but polio and smallpox never reached natural herd immunity. They were eradicated by vaccines. ***So….you’ve eaten hot dogs, chicken nuggets and processed meat all your life. But you won’t get the shot because ‘you don’t know what’s in it”! Aren’t you a special kind of stupid!

What A Difference A Week Makes! (*see below)
            Yes indeed….last week’s edition featured our Prime Minister as the winner….well….ONE of the winners….of our first D.O.T.W. (Dink Of The Week) Contest (*see below)! Altho Justin had to share the spotlight with others. Well, a week ago OMICRON was a  new word….just getting a foothold so to speak, Rotzy calling it ‘the New Kid on The (COVID) Block’…..but that’s all changed. The DAILY ‘new cases reported count’ for ONT alone has gone from a couple or three hundred to 2700 + yesterday! (Thurs Dec16th), and “F/N” does NOT know who in hell to ‘congratulate’ on such a feat??!! Well, dont’cha know that those in the know are saying it could/will be up to as many as 10,000 a day by Xmas! (*that’s not a typo) (*see above)! Not good news. Hence J/T had to take a strong stance in a number of areas….AND….he did so this tyme with support of Jagmeet Singh and the NDP! (Holy s–t! Hear! Hear! Two different Cdn political parties agreeing on something!) Included is an ‘advisory notice’ to ALL Canadians against any ‘non-essential’ international travel. That was obviously made VERY clear to everyone in the House….to the point (I would venture to say) if any MP wearing Liberal Red and/or NDP Orange gets spotted at DisneyWorld*tm or surfing in Maui during Xmas Break, that particular MP would/will surely be sitting as an Independent in 2022! BUT! Not so for Erin O’Toole!! Or his PC’s. He made it clear they’ll go wherever the hell they want!….Trudeau (and Singh) be damned!! Because the Blue Team’s ‘leader’ immediately called the P/M’s message an ‘advisory only’! So….SO….bottom line….Erin has the chance to ‘do the right thing’/align with the rest of the Bytown Bunch and at least make it look like they agree on something/anything. Imagine. And what does he do? Shoots himself in foot. Again. Still. BUT in the process THIS tyme, he’s a thumb’s down winner of the “F/N” Dink Of The Week Award!! And a unanimous choice at that! OK, OK, OK….so If you follow this “F/N” column with even some regularity, you are no doubt aware that Rotzy does NOT have a lot of good things to say/write about Justin Trudeau. So, let’s don’t think the olde guy’s gonna sign up and become a Card Carrying Member of the Fed Liberal Party….Jeez!…been there, done that, but the tyme Miz. Jo and I were ‘actively recruited’ was four (or five) Prime Ministers ago!! Anyway, all I’m saying is Trudeau’s plans to ‘eliminate unnecessary international travel’ (mostly by air), even if it was in the form of an ‘advisory notice’, the message is there! And it’s VERY clear! Unless you want to ‘twist the message, and make ‘political hay’ out of it. In which case, if you’re Erin O’Toole, put on your ‘Dunce-style’ Dink Of The Week hat and go stand in the corner with the other ‘DINKS’. Alas, your caucus asks if you would firstly please turn in your PC badge. Thanks.

Get A Job….
            was the name of a hit rock ‘n roll song from circa 1958 by The Silhouettes….on the ‘Sparton’ label methinks, and I had it on 78 rpm….great song! Dip dip dip dip    dip dip dip dip…Boom   Sha na na na   Sha  na na  na na na…..I sing it whenever I hear this particular ad on the radio….fairly new and it’s all about jobs, jobs, jobs….a large variety of jobs, skilled jobs, unskilled jobs, you-name-it jobs, big paying jobs….even the minimum wage jobs sound good to Rotzy….just under $16 an hour??!! S–t, my first full-tyme job paid $40 bucks a week….for a 5 1/2 day week!! Anyway, last week yours truly was in the ‘get a job’ mode….as I do from tyme to tyme….and then this advertisement from Domino Pizza*tm arrives in the #303 mail slot….a 4-Topping ‘Large’ Pizza for $12.99!! But on the other side it says “We’re Hiring All Positions. Earn some dough! OK, OK, OK! Bad ‘pun’ but it got Rotzys’ attention, so I said (to myself) “Hey Toad….you could/can do this!! ‘Ambitious, hardworking people who care? That’s ME man….I care!! ‘In a friendly, motivating environment’. I’m friendly….I can do that!  And listen to this….’We offer competitive wages, flexible hours, great advancement opportunities’!! That’s just right for you Toad!! Then I read, ”Pizza Discounts and more”!! “DISCOUNTS”!!?? WTF???!!! You have to BUY your ****ing  lunch when you work at DOMINO’s PIZZA??!! WELL, poop/s–t on THEM! Hence….1/ I don’t wanna work for no cheapskate pizza outfit; 2/ I’m gonna stay retired; 3/ my buddy at A Super Deal Pizza (near Brantwood Farms) makes FAR better pizza than El Cheapo’s! Besides, I may as well wait until after the New Year to go job hunting. ”Pizza Discounts”!!?? Are you ****ing KIDDING me??!! Imagine. 

            Yours truly is pleased to say the leg swelling’s pretty well disappeared, in fact my ankles are looking ‘rather skinny’ these days….especially my right leg….which is a good thing….and this because of Miz. Jo’s diligence, my anti-biotics, and twice weekly visits to the V.O.N. Also, I’m pleased to report Rotzy hasn’t ‘taken down’ any more of those ‘arms’ at parking lot entrances/exits this week! Another good thing. *I thought we’d had our last BGG meeting on the 11th, but a hastily-arranged meeting (by the sgt-at-arms) of something resembling ‘a high council’ reported to The Creamery last Fri to work on a couple important items that could/will take place before the BGG’s first meeting of 2022 and there are at least two committees working on a decision. Stay tuned. *Miz.Jo said “Edna’s making too much noise” as we boarded and deboarded our SUV for a buckboard run last week. ”Sounds fine to me”. “She’s too noisy”. ”OK….I’ll take it to Midas tomorrow”. Chris The Man With The Midas Touch agreed with Miz. Jo and $400 later we had a new thingy between the Cat Convertor and the muffler.  Resonator? Yes….Resonator….it had rusted and was splitting along the seam….AND….the guy fixed the idiot lights on the dashboard Free/Gratis!! Now Rotzy knows how fast I’m going, but now I can’t hear Edna’s motor at all. *Yours truly picked up the ingredients for the first few batches of Marjorie Rotz’s Nuts And Bolts*tm…the 75+ yr olde recipe that’s been converting former fans of ‘Bits And Bites’*tm/Humpty Dumpty*tm/Frito-Lay*tm and cetera for….well….for 75 years. No need to make them for any of the Rotz family….they ALL make their own….hence, ours go to friends and neighbours….and if we forget/miss someone who got some last year….well….we ‘hear about it’! I have a copy of my Mom’s handwritten recipe and the most current list (if I could find it) has changed some over decades, mostly ADDING stuff….but yours truly does mostly ‘eyeball measuring’ anyway. So….SO….after sample-testing Batch #1 Sunday aft, Miz. Jo and I agreed! ”Good….needs more Lea And Perrins”! FYI…..and keep it under your hat….’Worchestershire Sauce’ was/is Marge’s ‘secret ingredient’. Batch #2 is a go for later today, but firstly I need more celery salt, garlic powder and paprika,,,,DOH!!….I forgot paprika in batch #1, but then, we didn’t/don’t have any. Not to worry, Rotzy will get his s–t together by batch #3….or #4.

Ho! Ho! Ho!….
            it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..but not around Brant’s Ford….at  least, not yet! However, it was said/written in this space a couple or three months back that Xmas 2021 would/will resemble Xmas 2020, and I’m not talking about weather or the likes. So it is what it is….OR….it is what we make of it. Believe it or not, yours truly IS a ‘Christmassy kind of guy’….everything about it….almost. Friends, family, food, gift-giving/wrapping and un-wrapping, some toasts, memories of Christmases Past, lights and decorations on trees, laughter and tears….(good tears)….the whole deal!….and of course the music….skip ‘Feliz Navida’ (please!!) and bring on Handel’s ‘Messiah’ and ‘Ave Maria’….Luciano Pavarotti backed by The Mormon Taberacle Choir, The Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra (TPSO), Eugene Ormandy conducting. Closing with Mahaliah Jackson….’Sweet Little Jesus Boy’ (I can get teary-eyed just thinking about that one) then ‘Silent Night’. Anyway, Miz. Jo and Rotzy send our ‘Best Wishes to the readership for a Very Merry, Happy and Safe Christmas! And may YOUR Christmas be everything you hope/wish/pray it to be!

*Thought Of The Day…If  ‘If’s’ and ‘But’s were candy and nuts, what a Merry Christmas we’d all have!  (Dandy Don Meredith quote on Monday Night Football approx. half a century ago…it’s been “F/N’s” annual Xmas T.O.T.D. for 20 years)

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