Dec 9 – Electric cars … shocking thoughts!

Smokin’ up or chocolatin’ down…it’s all legal in Canada these days.

I Only Caught Mention….
….of ONE ‘National Day of Celebration’ last week on 92.9 F/M, that having been ‘National Blue Jeans Day’ on Thurs Dec 5th. Naturally I complied with Paul Lang’s announcement by pulling on my ‘wholey’ Lee’s, which required absolutely zero change in my wardrobe for the day….or the week for that matter. There were 3 or 4 other titles for Thurs as well, tho I was too slow with my Bic*tm and Spiral*tm note pad, then a ‘senior’s moment’ memory brake down’ by the tyme I located them. My ‘preparedness’ was also lacking as it came to my attention that Langer reads ’em during the 7 to 7:30 slot. Hardly the stuff of an ‘amazing journalist’, as Rotzy has been called by Bob Rae on occasion….then again Bob doesn’t call me anything these days. In fact, he doesn’t call at all.

Readers Write
And this one (who still sees Rotzy as a ‘lover of all things Liberal’, federally and provincially) really has his (PC Blue) shorts in a knot over our P/M’s newly created Minister Of Middle Class Prosperity….’demanding’ to know why it was created, and what will he/she be responsible for. Anyway, I apologized for not having an answer to either point, but then I had a thought. Imagine that. Patty Hajdu, Lib MP for Thunder Bay/Superior North, previous Min Of ‘Women’s Affairs’ (or something like that) then Min of Labour, is now the Minister of Health in Justin’s new Cabinet. And I’ll just bet’cha she knows the answer(s), so rather than write/email/fone The Honourable Minister, I’ll ask her to clear the air right here and now, because she’s on my “From Nakina” Mailing List. Actually, Miz Jo and I initially met with her at the Geraldton Times-Star before her first election….perhaps one of her first ‘interviews’, altho it seems we have ‘taken different forks in the road’ lately. Anyway, if I ask her nicely, possibly her response may help prevent the “F/N” reader from doing a complete melt-down. What say you Paddy H?

HPOTW Winner
This one’s a newbie, as Rotzy could not not come forward with The Humble Pie Of The Week Award. Greatness begets recognization here at “F/N”HQ, whilst recognizing the fact that ‘greatness’ means different things to different people. Having said that, the initial HPOTW recipient isn’t a stranger to receiving kudos in this space (*see below)….so without further adieu, it pleases us to announce Donald Trump gets the nod, for his recent quote (to reuters?)….check it out….* “I mean, part of the beauty of me is that I’m very rich”. Hey, just ask Melania….however, it appears Donald does enough/all the talking for both of them. You think? The US President has previously been bestowed (*see above) with such “F/N” honors as LLPOF (Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire) Trophy, then this past week he added TTM (The Teflon Man) Award to his trophy display for his ongoing/non-stop ability to let charges and critcisms ‘slide off him’ like there’s no tomorrow, altho there always is. A tomorrow. That was evident last week in London after many of the world’s foremost leaders got together for a drink or two following a key speech. Cdn P/M Justin Trudeau, who was/is being referred to by many media-types as ‘Snowflake’ these days, not to mention constantly ‘being talked down to’ by Trump like a still-wet-behind-the-ears/snotty-nosed12-yr old schoolboy. Well, it says right here (and pretty well every else) that Snowflake ‘got him back’….But Good! And make no mistake about it, Trudeau was/is totally responsible for the ‘happy hour’ film clip that grabbed headlines and lead-in news items last week(!) to the degree that Trump absolutely looked like a loud-mouthed buffoon. Imagine! So….SO….”how did Donald handle this ‘atttack of character’ from his ‘friend/neighbour’ north of the 49th? you ask. ”Not well at all” according to the vast majority of those reporting on the initial story as well as follow-ups. I can’t tell you what the judging committee here at “F/N”HQ said, but I WILL say that Trump has been ordered to immediately return The Teflon Man Award/plaque, however we’ve had no reply as of yet. Stay tuned….but don’t hold your breath. 

By The Way….
… Happy ‘Pretend Time Traveller’ Day!! December 8th….and Rotzy’s guessing this is some sort of ‘Back To The Future’ thing. Or like Calvin, the little kid in the Toronto Sun cartoons boarding his ‘Transmogrifier’, which took the little guy wherever he wanted to go. We also want to wish you ‘Happy Brownie Day’….and methinks I’m right in assuming it has nothing to do with those who become Girl Guides, but it refers to the chocolate ones, which sometymes ‘accompany’ a popular ingredient which has just become legalized. Enjoy! And thanks to Hawkeye, our #2 “F/N” Proof Reader who, following Rotzy’s request last week, found the site to bring up any tyme Miz. Jo and yours truly wanna know what we’re celebrating on any given day.

A White Elephant….
….and, one the likes of which we haven’t seen before, according to all the correspondence to and fro here at “From Nakina” HQ with a number of the readership. ”What’s all the hub-bub, Bub”? you ask. Well, it wasn’t/isn’t from anything written in the column, at least as far as the memory bank in Rotzy’s pumpkin is concerned. Hence, with my short term memory not being good, yet the long term working tickedy-boo, I said (to myself) “Well Toad, safe to say we have never done a column on ELECTRIC VEHICLES. Finally, a second-hand copy of the item arrived here….and Ho-Lee-S–t!!! Google*tm this and READ IT!!! *Electric Cars–Are They Great Or What?*The Pinehurst Press News and Views* Well, sorry to say electric cars are NOT great! If you are thinking of switching from gas to electric, don’t do it! If you already own one, you have my condolences. There is something VERY wrong with this ”go electric” plan! Read the item!! I know not who is behind the big push for ‘electric vehicles’….whether it’s government or the automotive industry? Read the item!! Somebody stands to make a LOT of money because of this ‘conversion’….but….The White Elephant….not to mention The History Books….will tell a far different tale. With a bad/sad/scary ending!! PLEASE, Read The Item.

*Thought Of The Day…It takes no real skill to choke on air, fall up the stairs, and trip over nothing. I have those skills!

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2 Responses to Dec 9 – Electric cars … shocking thoughts!

  1. Greg Snow says:

    The Electric Vehicle article is FAKE NEWS published by a non-existent media firm and uses an expert, Dr. Jonathan Lesser, who is decidedly against power efficiency.
    Here’s a brief excerpt from a Huffington Press article:

    Another opponent of clean technology policies is Dr. Jonathan Lesser, president of the utility-backed consulting firm Continental Economics, who recently claimed in front of the Ohio Senate Public Utilities Committee that the cost of energy efficiency and renewable energy standards would always be more than the savings. Dr. Lesser failed to include important pieces in his testimony and analysis. For example, he ignored the savings that result from using less electricity and that energy efficiency causes downward pressure on the cost of power.

    The facts simply don’t support Dr. Lesser’s claims. His anti-clean energy and anti-energy efficiency stance may be a result of his close business relationships with interests whose business model directly competes with clean energy and energy efficiency. His “Summary of Experience” submitted to the Utah Public Service Commission details that he’s submitted expert testimony and reports of behalf of major utility and fossil fuel interests like Exelon; Occidental; Duke Energy; and FirstEnergy, which is an outspoken opponent of energy efficiency measures in Ohio.

    It’s interesting to note who his backers are!

    If Sobieski is going to publish articles from other sources such as this please fact check them. When did you pay $1.16 per kW for electricity?

    • Sobieski says:

      Hello Greg,
      Thank you very much for reminding me that researched material should always be checked for sources to determine its bias.

      I will have to work harder with this issue in the future, although with the extreme abundance of information nowadays, it is a challenge. Still, it should be viewed as a very important responsibility to post verified and objective material.

      Thank you again for your constructive comment.


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