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Jesus born on December 25

The Bible contains no evidence of this. On the contrary, He was most likely born in October. According to many Christian scholars, Jesus was 33 ½ years old when He was crucified on Friday, at 3:00pm. He was baptised and began His work when he was 30 (Luke 3:21-23) and spent 3 ½ years preaching. If this was the case, and He was crucified between March and April of the Gregorian calendar (Easter), He would have been born September/October time. How do we know this? Luke 2:7, 8 states that Mary gave birth and laid her son in a manger while the shepherds in the region were living out doors and keeping watch over their flocks. If she gave birth in December, it was too cold in that region for shepherds and sheep to be outdoors. They would have been sheltered in a barn. (Ezra 10:13 and Jeramiah 36:22 confirm the weather conditions in December)


Celebration of His birth with gift giving

Is it because of three wise men who ‘attended’ the birth and brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh? This is not even true. Jesus was a young child when these men brought gifts (Matt 2:11). They were astrologers sent from King Herod (who did not believe in God/Jehovah) to find Jesus and kill him because Jesus threatened his position as King. According to Matthew, it was Satan who guided them with the star which came to a stop where the young child was (Matt 2:9). The astrologers had a dream not to return to Herod and tell him where the child was (Matt  2:12), and in Matt 2:13, Jehovah’s angel appeared and instructed Joseph to flee with his family. After this, Herod killed all young boys under 2 years old (Matt 2:16), again substantiating the fact that Jesus was a young child when the ‘wise men’ were present.

2015-12-19_11h00_16.pngBirthday celebrations based on superstitions

Birthday celebrations were connected to superstitions in Jesus’ time. (Isaiah 65:11, 12), therefore Jehovah/God would not be pleased with this day being celebrated. The only birthdays mentioned in the Bible are of two rulers who did not worship God/Jehovah; Pharoah (Genesis 40:20) and Herod (Mark 6:21). These occasions were filled with depravity and death. It was not until hundreds of years after Jesus birth that December 25 was commemorated as His birth, as someone claiming to be Christian wanted His birth to coincide with the pagan Roman festival marking the Winter Equinox, where the sun began its return, or was ‘reborn.’


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