Draft #7 of the letter:

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

I am gut-wrenchingly upset with the federal government policies relating to Indigenous affairs.  I respect the office of the Prime Minister highly, and therefore intend no disrespect to you or to the Office of the PM in any way.

Still I am gut-wrenchingly upset with how federal policies have put Canada in such a shameful position. Meticulous examination and more detailed explanations are redundant and unnecessary as I am not writing to rant about many criticisms of the government, justifiable or not. Instead, I just wish to express how seriously upset I am with the government’s hot air promises and proclamations rather than real action on just one portfolio, the Indigenous one.

Twenty-five years of undrinkable water, numerous cold cases of missing Indigenous women in western Canada, the majority of recommendations made by the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (2015) ignored, delayed or swept under the carpet, the lack of judicial pursuit of the perpetrators of the residential school horrors with fair jury trials.…why does this list seem endless?

I focus on just this one issue, the Indigenous one, because more than any other it is so incredibly shameful, disgraceful and dishonourable. Never have I been so saddened to declare myself Canadian as I am now. What is so disappointing is that government pontification, pleading accountability and pledging reparations and reconciliation with minimal follow-up action, if any at all. It seems that nothing happens, the hot air continues to blast away over the nation.

I plead for something be done as a proper response, correction and reconciliation for what we have done as a nation. How can we persuade our government leaders to become truly responsible and actually responsive? You lead a government which should govern all our people, fairly and equitably. The intent of this letter is to ask the government to act, not to criticize it for its many failings. I fully recognize there are many hard working, honest and responsible Members of Parliament who are stressed and anxiety-ladened by messages such as this. However, how we have treated the Indigenous is morally wrong, ethically unjustified and criminally indefensible and whatever pressures elected representatives experience notwithstanding, the Indigenous situation must be adressed concretely and effectively.

I plead for some real action on getting our country back on a course of ethical justice, legal accountability and responsible policies for all our people.

Publication of reference to this letter
I publish an internationally-visited website (https://www.szpin.ca), the majority of visitors are Canadians. Many Canadians are becoming increasingly worried that the country is going to hell in a handbasket:  guns, drugs, rising crime, growing gang membership, pollution, abandoning the elderly, racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, sexual harassment in our armed forces and RCMP. How can we get responsible, constructive and proactive government? Electiongs seem to be inadequate in rectifying matters. I am posting the number of days I do not receive a real response from you, not a bot reply. I am hoping I can show my site visitors that we still have government leaders and representatives who work on doing the right thing in government policies.

I have contributed positively to Canada as a citizen for nearly 75 years. Do you think I am worthy of a personal response from you, Mr. Prime Minister?

Your call, Mr. Prime Minister.

A very concerned citizen,
Richard Szpin

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