Drive slower for wildlife safety

Pickering and Parks Canada remind public to slow down for wildlife

Pickering, ON, June 2021 – The City of Pickering and Parks Canada are reminding motorists to slow down for wildlife near Amos Pond, located near Finch Avenue and Scarborough-Pickering Townline in Rouge National Urban Park.

 According to recent road surveys by Parks Canada, there have been several wildlife mortalities and injuries near Amos Pond due to vehicle-wildlife collisions.

 Amos Pond provides valuable habitat for wildlife such as birds, beavers, frogs and turtles, including many endangered and threatened species.

 Snakes use roads as a heat source to warm their bodies and turtles are known to travel great distances to find a mate and sometimes nest on the sides of the road. In a joint effort to reduce wildlife mortality on roads that cross Rouge National Urban Park, the City and Parks Canada are launching a promotional campaign to remind the public to slow down with innovative messaging and signage that speaks directly to drivers.

 “Residents travelling along Finch Avenue won’t be able to miss the new signage,” said Lindsey Narraway, Supervisor, Animal Services. “It is not uncommon to see a family of geese taking their daily stroll across Finch Avenue, and we are hoping the public will slow down, follow speed zones, and be aware of wildlife crossings.”

The new signage will remain in place until early August to coincide with breeding and nesting season.

Parks Canada will continue surveying the site on a regular basis and hopes to validate that appropriate signage can help save wildlife.

Reports of injured or dead animals near Amos Pond may be directed to Parks Canada at 416.264.2020. Reporting the exact location helps staff monitor and respond to injured animals, retrieve the deceased, and plan future wildlife crossings.

Reports of deceased animals elsewhere in Pickering should be directed to the City’s Customer Care Centre at 905.683.7575.

For additional information on wildlife crossing, visit

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