EDITORIAL: Dunce downtown dilly-dallies and vascillates in disastrous times

We wrote about it long ago and now you can see it in reality. We have a dunderhead leading our provincial government.

So you don’t want to cut us some slack on this view? Well, the boy at the top is proving it over and over that he is confused and shambolic in his decision-making in regard to need pandemic action. Weeks ago, when he should have been locking down in almost every direction, he froze, like a buck in the headlights. Now as the horns blare, he bolts like the proverbial buck being shocked into action. His action? Over reaction.

People should be going outdoors for fresh air and broader distancing. He orders lockdown, demands citizens remain indoors. He closes golf courses, tennis courts and playgrounds. But who are we to criticize, after all, we are a lowly senior retiree, peer to the many fallen victim to his incredibly shortsighted long-term care ‘iron ring’ policies. No medical expertise needed to conclude this provincial government is incompetent and inept. Elliot? Idiot? Fullerton? Clown? No need to be a health care professional to see how this government is failing the increasing number of COVID patients provincially. No need to be a doctor, a clinical researcher or a lab technician to conclude this government is beyond inept failing in so many ways in a dire crisis. What does the leader do? Looks for blame targets. Deflects from who is really responsible for the government failures. Scapegoating. Blame deflecting. Like an elementary school child deflecting from being blamed for the culpability of wrongdoing.

As Toronto Star columnist, Bruce Arthur, writes “takes a village full of village idiots to close playgrounds, over a year into a pandemic that science has shown is mostly spread through the air. It takes a village full of village idiots to respond to a pandemic driven by workplace transmission, and weighing primarily on racialized citizens, by allowing cops to ask where you live and where you’re going if you’re outside. You’ll get a ticket if you refuse to say.” You get the picture.

Ontario doctors spoke out about Dunderhead Ford:
“It started out with pure anger . . . (at a press conference at the Brampton Civic Hospital,) because there was the feeling that they might actually recognize who is actually getting sick from this and dying from this,” says Dr. Brooks Fallis, an ICU doctor at Brampton Civic.

Closedown outdoor spaces…huh?
“If we want to bring the numbers down we need to focus on exclusively restricting indoor spaces as much as possible, and making outdoor spaces as safe as possible,” says Dr. Peter Juni, the scientific director of Ontario’s independent volunteer science table. “There is no way to be safe with other people indoors under the current circumstances. There is no way. Not in places of worship, not in big-box stores, not anywhere else.

Outdoor space is healthier environment
“If you want to keep the population still as psychologically healthy as possible, and if you want to keep some sort of equity, what you need to do is to make sure you promote outdoor space as much as possible and make sure people keep two metres distanced and wear a mask if they can’t do that.

Indoor and essential work misunderstood
“Closing playgrounds and golf courses and tennis courts just show that the epidemiology of the disease is not fully understood. It’s indoor and it’s essential work that is non-essential, and it’s a lack of support for the people who need to be out there. That’s the root causes.”

Ford just doesn’t get it
“I feel sick,” says Dr. Ashleigh Tuite, an epidemiologist at the University of Toronto who has contributed work to the science table. “I actually feel sick. Every week we have this buildup and is this going to be the week where suddenly they get it, and they’re actually going to do something to make this better, and if they don’t get this now they’re not going to get it. It’s been a few hours, but I’m still shaking.”

I give up!
“I do feel defeated,” says Dr. Michael Warner, the head of critical care at Michael Garron Hospital in East York. “I’m kind of past anger, and on to defeat. I guess I’m just resigned to our shared destiny. I cannot see any circumstance where I can now protect my patients from being forced to be palliated because of the lack of beds.”

Ford idiot
At a provincial government news conference at the Brampton Civic, one person shouted out what many were likely thinking, “because you never listen to the experts, you f–king idiot!”

Village idiot
It’s an ugly situation. The chief village idiot dazed in office, confused in decision making, chaotic in policy action and incapable of overcoming our disastrous decline into COVID catastrophe continues his haphazard administration in this dire time of need for constructive policies and action based on professional and authoritative advice.

And if all that isn’t enough
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