I am Eileen Higdon, former Councilor for Town Ward 2 Pickering, and candidate for Mayor of Pickering in the upcoming municipal election on October 22, 2018.

On Wednesday, May 16th, I declared my candidacy for Mayor of Pickering. I did this for our daughters and granddaughters. Pickering currently has no elected women sitting on its council. You have the power to help me change this, Pickering will be stronger when its council reflects its diversity, and gender equality, starting from the top down.

Women make up 51% of our population, but only hold 22% of elected positions in Durham both levels councils. These are good paying jobs, these council positions during elections are clouded by fear of change, resulting in a Council with an atmosphere of uncertainty, suppression of diversity, and criticism.

This does not lessen my commitment to the environment, public safety, economic stability, budget improvements, affordable housing and senior housing, and public transit especially in the north. Women need to be at the table where these decisions are made.

I’m asking you to stand for change, on October 22. Please vote. I would be honoured if you considered casting your vote for me, Eileen Higdon. Together, we can make our community strong.

Born in Scotland, Eileen came to Toronto in 1973 where she served as a registered nurse and midwife. She has lived in Pickering since 1979, graduated from Ryerson with her B.Sc.N. and worked for over 50 years in local hospitals and long-term care facilities as a Registered Nurse. Eileen is the proud mother of three sons, and grandmother to three amazing granddaughters.

Let’s talk! You can reach me online at www.eileenhigdon.com or call me at (416)-505-1483

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