Erma’s bio

We welcome Erma Washington as a unique addition to our site writers.

Erma is an inspiring professional working with families in community and social services where she counsels and links clients to community support services to assist individuals and families with their Health Care needs. She is a strong, insightful and confident individual who cares deeply for her community and all people with whom she has contact.

Erma’s creativity has developed into becoming a published writer where she continuously grows as she polishes her literary skills. Her wide range of interests will be demonstrated by her broad spectrum of topics, her varied commentary and her constructive opinions.

She encourages all her readers to personally consider her philosophy of life which is to not only think of the problem, but to also consider possible solutions. Her hope is that everyone will broaden their own perspective by expanding their thinking and their views.

Erma is stimulated and motivated by the challenges she finds in creating inspirational pieces, honoring milestones, and cultural-historic reflections. Her high regard for individuals is founded on many bases that include people we associate with Mother’s Day, Women’s Month and Remembrance Day.

Erma is a published author, poet and songwriter, who aspires to encourage women of all ages through her poetry, her motivation sessions and her mentoring. She has a very strong faith in God and devotes time to prayer, for others as well as herself. She is a very active member in her church.

Besides reading and writing, Erma loves music, entertaining and the theatre.

Erma is a role model for many and we look forward to her inspirational pieces.


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