RICHARD's desk...: Moses had 5 more commandments…for TABLETS !

Moses had 10 commandments for living. But he also had 5 more people don’t know about.

Email is very commonly used now days and all too often, we receive email from someone who has no knowledge of Moses’ other 5 commandements.

Proper email etiquette should be used with all email.

We use email daily, a lot, tons…well, ok, once or twice depending if my friends are still on talking terms.

Once in a while an email from someone else arrives and right away the person demonstrates they do not adhere to Moses’ commandments on computer use.

Proper email etiquette should be used always.

Moses’ other 5 commandments

  1. Thou shalt not forget to send a response
    Every email deserves a response. If you are going to continue this communication, write a short response, “Got your email. Thanks” should suffice.Don’t want to continue the communication, delete it, spam it or filter it. If you want to inform the sender of your action, you decide.But every sender of email deserves a response, the very least should be an acknowledgement that you have received their note.
  2. Thou shalt not shout replies
    Use of ALL CAPS is seen as shouting, poor etiquette in email communication.For older users clarity trumps, pardon the use of that name, etiquette. ALL CAPS is easier to read than lower case. Older computer users may appreciate ALL CAPS but ask them about their preference.Email communication with me in ALL CAPS is wonderful. I prefer it so.
  3. Thou shalt not be unclear
    Email is not conversation. It is read, not heard. Before you send it, read it quickly yourself, preferably out loud. Does it make sense? Is what you are writing, actually what you want to say? Is it clear? Is it concise?In Gmail, you will have one final opportunity to retrieve your message…it can be retrieved, undone for up to 30 seconds after pressing ‘send.’ After that it’s gone and the recipient will get the message…but are they aware of Commandment #1?
  4. Thou shalt not be disorganized in the response
    Don’t you just hate emails that ramble without any organization whatsoever, starting with one item, bouncing to another, coming back to the first, skipping off into Peter Pan’s world, back to reality…grrr !A nicer way of organizing email is to number each item, maybe even title each paragraph. Your recipient will appreciate the road map and the mile markers along the route. It like having email on auto pilot, more enjoyable to read, a more appreciated trip because of your organization.
  5. Thou shalt not have spelling errors, grammar errors
    Sad how careless or “couldn’t care less” some email writers have become. Spell check, grammar check. Sending a note that has been polished and edited appropriately shows you care.If your editing skills are in doubt, use an app like Grammarly, to assist you. The app highlights spelling and simple grammar errors as you type. Make the corrections and your emails will take on Shakespearean elegance…ok, ok, so you don’t want to be Big Will. Fine, but at least look like you care enough to send missives that are properly written. It is proper etiquette and shows you care about sending the very best!



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