Father’s Day, special for all of us

Erma writes the words that we all say or think about for Father’s Day, another very important day to remember some special in one’s life

Caption: A father’s greatest legacy is the character building privilege that society is expecting him to instill in the next generation.  A father’s role if implemented skillfully can make a great impact, as he mentors, trains and leads his sons/daughters in ways they should go. A father of good understanding usually knows that he has the home court advantage to nurture the young mind, as he demonstrates the “power of one” which can be beneficial for many generations.

What a great privilege it is to be a father.

It is true that in a child’s world, “father knows best”.

A father fits into the imaginary frame of his child’s perception

A father not only appears tall in stature but in the eyes of a child, a father stands upright.

A father embodies knowledge, strength, provision and his consuming love actions, complete their world.

Fathers you are called to the role and function to show your child a straight path in the maze of life.

Fathers protect your position/status and your most vulnerable and reassure your children that they are right about fatherhood. Act worthy of your children’s frame of reference to you.

Be that father who stands in life’s battle and refused to abandon your responsibilities.

Hurt quietly, weep confidently and proudly wipe your tears away.

Show vulnerability to strike a balance and display humanity.

Your children need to see that men do cry and can still be giants in the battle.

True fathers are not afraid to fight and lose because, in fatherhood, only the resilient thrive.

The absent father has quenched the imagination and the reality of his child’s safety.

The child longing for the one who knows best, often yearn for a father and “wish you were there”.

The child search for what’s lacking, with questions he/she cannot ask.

Make your sons and daughters proud, and their concept of fatherhood right and worthy.

Let them know that they are loved, by saying “I love you, with your presence”.

Do not distort the image in the mirror of your children’s understanding, with absenteeism, yearning, and confusion.

Your children are calling you to a standard that makes fatherhood unique.

Stand proudly and respond. “Here I am”, because that is where you belong.

Meet your children at their point of needs and you may be surprised to know that, you are all they really need.

Children are usually afraid of the dark but with a father in his right place, the darkness becomes dim.

Who will call you today? Is there one who wears your name, and your identity who will seek after you?

Change someone else’s world today by starting on the path, where only the resilient thrive.


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