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Ever pull your hair out trying to find a document, a file or a photo you know you have on your computer but you cannot remember its name. Then, you need a powerful search program to search for you.

There are two very beneficial search applications available, one free, the other not so.

Free, ambitiously named, this little application will find your file, document, or photo almost instantly. Just type in a reasonable approximation of the title you remember and let the application do its search. Within a few seconds, Everything will list every computer file using a variation of the approximate title you typed.

Incredibly fast. Incredibly comprehensive. This free program is awesome. And it’s free.

Download the version you need, most users will select the “download installer.” Some users with more powerful machines may opt for the 64 bit version, but the former will suit the needs of almost everyone.

The download site is

Users with greater needs, searching for files, folders and even programs which they have lost on their computer can use RecentX, a very powerful search program which goes beyond the simple searches conducted by Everything. This is an extremely powerful application well worth its $30 cost.

RecentX goes beyond the needs of the average user. Besides very quickly finding the same files, documents and photos the other program finds, RecentX takes its searches to another level finding folders, and even finding programs which you have lost on your computer.

Is it worth the $30 price tag? Yes, if you are a power user but one whose organization skills may be somewhat challenged.

RecentX also offers two flavours, a simple model and a more sophisticated model if you are using a more powerful computer, 64 bit.

RecentX can be downloaded from

Send us your feedback about whichever program you have tried or if you need more help:

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