SENIORS: Garden tours off to an amazing start


The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario would be proud of this back yard.


I am flabbergasted !

Many a “green thumbed” hobbyist has told me gardening relaxes one as much as any massage, any meditation process, any means of achieving that relaxed, satisfied and unstressed state. Well, I don’t know how true that is as I have never had an urge to garden and even now find all yard work to be drudgery. But after touring Trish Stephens magnificently developed and beautifully maintained gardens around her Pickering home, I may have to change my attitude to one where I say the result from the effort may be worth it.


Trish says, “I didn’t do this. Nature did. Beautiful, eh ?”

Trish Stephens has had a green thumb right from her days of living in England where sunshine was less regular than here in Canada but growing a decent garden was still possible. And she did it. Then, after transplanting herself to Canada, Trish worked in the industry for many years while raising a family and her own family home garden. She has been very successful in all endeavours. Her family is grown and going strong; her garden is absolutely wonderful and the envy of any would be gardener who wants to develop a nice garden.


Trish shows Janet and Ernst Bucheler around the “back yard.

Seeing Trish’s “yard” could be overwhelming for ‘just starting out’ gardeners but they should take comfort from knowing that Trish has spent many years developing her “green thumb,” both professionally and non-professionally. On Victoria Day, May 19th, Trish invited the PROBUS Garden Club members and the general membership of PROBUS Pickering Club to visit her home and tour her beautiful gardens.


Trish explains how she entreats the rain gods to help her with her gardening.

A number of PROBUS members attended: Gail Dowber, Janet and Ernst Bucheler, Maureen Macquardt, Norine Findlay.


Gail Dowber admires the pink almond tree blossoms.


Norine Findlay compliments Trish on her garden as everyone does !

To say they were “suitably impressed’ is a gross understatement. Even this early in the spring, Trish’s garden is amazing. It has an incredible variety of plants, spread around a huge residential lot, plants, trees, shrubs, bushes and flowers. One cannot help but admire the beauty of what has been created but also appreciate the love and effort this person has for gardening.








Lucky are those persons who are members of the PROBUS Pickering Gardening Club for you are associating with a person who more than just cares about her hobby. It is almost as a way of life for her. PROBUS members definitely should give the Gardening Club very serious consideration if they have any kind of interest in gardening. That budding interest will really grow once you sift through a bit of soil alongside Trish Stephens.

To contact Trish, email her at


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