We got GOALS.

OK….this isn’t a one man show, this changing the lifestyle. Fermo’s in on it too, the little chunko…needs to drop about 4-5 lbs. Doesn’t sound like much but that’s more than 10% of his body weight. Here’s our GOALS list:

  1. Weight loss is first; eventually 60 lbs. More would be a dream but aren’t dreams goals?
  2. A slimmer waistline. I would love to walk into a store and buy off the rack.
  3. Increased likelihood of good health in my older years. I want Nadia to be able to walk beside me rather than push my wheelchair.
  4. Simply feeling more energetic, not huffing and puffing after just a couple of flights of stairs.
  5. Reduce my risk of a heart attack. My heart specialist feels my heart can withstand a beating well, but I think the continual assault, 24/7, with no respite is too much even for a relatively strong heart.

For Fermo

  1. Dropping 3-4 lbs would be perfect
  2. Would be nice to feel his ribs without an extra layer over them
  3. Getting in better shape so long walks are a real breeze.
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