Happy Father’s Day Dads!

A world without Fathers is unimaginable. Let’s celebrate and honour the dads who are the core of families.

Fathers are real and so is our world, but our imagination can validate or nullify the existence of them both. Fortunately for us, they are real entities, which are dependent on each other to fulfill their purposes so let us just imagine for the moment.
Can you imagine a world without Fathers?
Such a world would be, like a lake without water or a city without borders.
So if you can imagine a fatherless world, or waterless lake or a borderless city, then just imagine how the power of a father’s love can complete his children’s world.
But because our world has fathers, we are persuaded that the antiquity of fatherhood, depicts the narrative of kinship, which embodies a father’s purpose.  As your children, we agree that father knows best!
So in this world, real or imagined, we want to say we respect you, we love you, we admire you and we honour you every day of the week, but especially today, Father’s Day. We have chosen to brand this day as A Father’s Specific Day in time, in the year 2020. 
Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers from all your children, real or imagined!
Erma Washington
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