EDITORIALS: Huffington Post even more critical of Trump

It is far too easy to criticize Trump as he is such an incredibly blatant liar and bombastic bragging blowhard. But I am not the only one to criticize him.

Here is a voice who defends against Trump and Trumpism. You should read/listen to Keith Olbermann, a columnist at The Huffington Post.

If you are honest enough and can speak the truth even though it hurts to do so, this man is someone to hear. He speaks openly and frankly, calling Trump all the things which those who speak with ‘politically correct’ blinkers on, do not. He calls a spade a spade, a liar a liar, a deranged person, mentally ill.

So why read him; simply because he speaks so frankly? No, because he is defending what we are all about, supporters and adherents of democracy, freedom and justice. Obelmann leads a movement he calls, “The Resistance” which fights against the lying, alternate fact usage of Donald Trump, Kelly Conway, Sean Spicer and their ilk. Were I American, I would join this man’s group today !

I am Canadian but I greatly fear Donald Trump and his impact and effects on the world, on foreign relations, on human rights and on justice in the world. Trump may actually be deranged. I believe he does not think, self-evaluate or self-analyze. He simply sets a goal in his mind, an objective and from the moment he sets it, he no longer sees anything else relating to it, other than what he originally viewed. This man lambastes the media that has criticized him, every media outlet, press and viewing. He is criticizes any and all political figures who disagree with him or who may criticize him, regardless of who they are or what position they hold. He will label them with offensive and insulting adjectives no matter their office. Rodney Dangerfield’s his idol; “show no respect!” This man is beyond reasonable, beyond thinking, beyond sane. Though I have no psychology/medical credentials, I would venture that he is an amazingly accurate example of a megalomaniac. This man is frightening in the extreme positions he can take: climate change is a hoax, Mexicans illegally entering the USA are drug dealers, rapists, criminals, Muslims should not be permitted USA entry without extreme vetting and background checking, border patrols with Mexico must be beefed up to supplement the wall, Mexico will pay for the wall. It is too easy to compile an idiotic statements list of what this man says.

Worse still, he surrounds himself with like minded people who then begin to tow the Trump line with no evaluation or analysis to factuality. The crowds Trump saw at the inauguration were “historical,” even though my own eyes saw far fewer than visible in the Obama inauguration. Trump, his press secretary, Spicer and his White House advisor, Conway speak a new version of truth and want us to accept it as fact. Orwellian speak, famine is feast, war is peace. They brush the truth under the carpet claiming that “real” truth comes out of their mouths.


This is an incredible time in history. A real fear is that people will tire of this endless tirade coming from the Trump mouths and they will stop paying attention. History can and does repeat itself. Fascists, demagogues, autocrats have tranquilized the masses before. This must not happen now. Save the planet, climate change is real. You don’t buy it? It’s 5C outside right now, JANUARY 26th. How many times have you shovelled snow this winter? 

The demonstrators and protestors are right in criticizing Trump and his gang. Listen to them and judge for yourself but dont accept what is being shoved down your throat by the bully boy from DC. Believe in ethical values, in morality, in justice, in gender equality and don’t accept otherwise. Act on it, say it aloud, voice it at every opportunity. These are historic times, which we still can prevent from slipping out our grasp. This is not a time to be frightened but rather a time to stand tall, determined and with courage as we defend and maintain truth, democracy and human rights which we have fought hard to defend before. Take up the fight!

Check out The Resistance with Keith Olbermann at The Huffington Post.

Here is a link to one of his columns on line. He is really worth hearing:


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