Launch of Petticoat Creek Book Club newsletter

Have you ever selected a book from a bestseller list, only to be disappointed, wondering how it ever made it to the list?

There is a better way to find books that are likely to be enjoyable reads.

Confer with the Petticoat Creek Book Club Newsletter.

More often than liked, people begin reading a book that has been listed as a bestseller. Touted on the New York Times bestseller list, or raved about in the Washington Post or the Toronto Star.

Read the  Petticoat Creek Book Club Newsletter to hear book opinions by your neighbours, people much like you who also live in Pickering. Your opinion is worthwhile; their opinions are too and you will be reading reviews by people much like yourself. Not reviews written to promote and market, trying to convince people to buy the book without giving it full consideration and analysis.

The  Petticoat Creek Book Club Newsletter give you useful information distilled by a group of Pickering residents who have tastes similar to yours, who think as you do, who value highly the things that you value and who recognize a truly good book when they read one.

We invite you to read the inaugural issue of the
Petticoat Creek Book Club Newsletter:   FIRST ISSUE

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