Managing Food Sensitivities

With the festive season coming up soon, many of us need to be more aware of what and how we are eating.

Some of us find certain foods can be quite troublesome….

Are you managing a food sensitivity and finding it challenging to navigate certain situations? Fear not! According to the Loblaw 2018 Canadian Food Trends, Canadians are “Rethinking Nutrition” – the defining trend for this year – paying more attention to nutritional issues such as sugar consumption and gut health, and overall awareness for food sensitivities continues to grow.

As more and more people find themselves dealing with digestive discomfort, there are also more strategies to help manage them. A local Loblaw’s dietitian can provide guidance is tailored to your situation so that you can make the most of the upcoming holiday season without pain and discomfort.

What’s causing you digestive problems
First and foremost, it is important to determine the cause of your digestive woes. Sometimes there are just one or two foods triggering symptoms, and narrowing these down will help you avoid the foods which are causing you problems. A registered dietitian can help you do this by tracking your intake and symptoms. In some cases, trying the low-FODMAP diet under the supervision of a dietitian helps uncover a person’s food triggers. A dietitian can assist you with other aspects of gut health and help you optimize the many factors that affect digestion.

Once your specific food sensitivities have been identified, it’s important to ensure that your diet remains well-balanced after eliminating or reducing the foods in question. Working with a specialist who can suggest appropriate substitutes and replacements for your lifestyle and preferences will help keep your nutrition on track.

When it comes time to attend parties and social events where food is involved, consider bringing a main dish to share that fits within your dietary parameters. This way, you know there will be something for you to eat and you will provide friends and family the opportunity to try something new! If you are the host, having a potluck-style meal ensures that all your guest will be accommodated and won’t leave hungry.

Dealing with a food sensitivity can be tricky and can lead to many questions. With the right knowledge and forethought, you can ensure that you are still getting all the nutrients you need and that you are prepared for any situation!

Try a healthier dessert this festive season…Sweet Potato Chocolate Chia Pudding




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