MASSEY’s…A Pickering institution


Owned by: Don Argiro
Located at:  774 Liverpool Rd., in South Pickering

I have eaten lunch at Massey’s about three times now. From my returns, you can surmise that I think the restaurant is good value for the money.

Restaurant dining is not inexpensive nowadays. I am sure it was always the same case, that people enjoyed dining out a lot but not everyone could afford to do it as often as they would have liked. I dont dine out that often because, too often, I find my preparation at home is better than many restaurants, or what they might do really well, I must avoid eating. For example, I eschew fried foods, for obvious reasons and I could not recommend any fried entree at any restaurant as I think it is poor dining from a health point of view.

However, I do not prepare certain meals at home as my spouse does not like certain foods. Massey’s prepares and entree my wife would never touch, but one which I enjoy immensely, liver with bacon and onions. I have eaten it twice at Massey’s. The first experience was superb; the second, not so. The first time I had it, the meet was fried beautifully with no burnt edges, no charred sides. The bacon was crisp and the onions nicely carmelized. The second time I had it, I think the chef may have gotten distracted a bit as the edges of the liver were just a tad overcooked. It is a minor complaint and I am confident my next liver experience at Massey’s will be excellent again.

For the moment, restaurant dining is to be very restricted for my regimen as I am working at determining what is causing my weight difficulties. People seeing me might jump to the conclusion that I eat enormous amounts of food. Not true. I eat less than my wife who is slim. After a number of visits with a professional, a naturopathic doctor, we have narrowed it down to two things: 1. I have a very slow metabolism, incredibly slow. This was looked at specifically as living with such a metabolism is a major weight retention problem. I can eat a 4 or 6 oz piece of Polish sausage and my weight will shoot up 2 lbs the next morning. The doctor, bless her heart, says don’t give up the foods you enjoy, just eat them in real moderation and only on a very limited basis or occasions.
2. Stress: stress seems to wreak havoc on one’s health if it isn’t dealt with in a constructive way and controlled regularly. Again, the doctor has determined that stress is a very signficant issue in my life and she now is working on finding ways of reducing  my stress. The discouraging factor is that it has taken years for me to become so overweight, and now it may take years to get rid of it. For now, we are concentrating on reducing the stress level I have for stress wrecks one’s metabolism. Hmmm…wish me luck and check back with me in a few months.

For now, I will say, visit Massey’s. You won’t be disappointed, no matter what you order. I would suggest the special of the day…or the liver !!!




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