May 30 – Bad day in Black Rock…The Hawk flew outta his nest

Sad day in Black Rock as the Hawk leaves us. A Canadian legend, King of Kanadian Rockabilly, Ronnie Hawkins is with us no more.

….from the ‘sure-could-use-a-little-good-news-today’ department, if you’re a regular “F/N” reader, you may recall an item I wrote seven or eight months back when the construction on the first DENNY’S Restaurant in the area (on the west side of the Gretzky Pkwy near Elgin) was stopped cold, the signage came down, then they boarded the place up, very much to Rotzy’s dismay. And there it sat for the best part of a year. I know not what caused the stoppage/delay, but I’d guess it was the pandemic. Why not, eh? Well, let me tell you, last mid-week when I was motoring along the WGP I saw the signs back up, signs of life inside, and another sign that read “We’re Now Hiring’, ‘my heart soared like a hawk!’, to quote Chief Dan George. Now, I’m not sure if Denny’s really is ‘an American Institution’, as they claim in some of their ads, but they obviously are doing something right. However, Rotzy’s major ‘stake’ in this soon to open Denny’s… just THAT, a ‘steak’. Actually it’s their ‘Chicken-Fried Steak’, listed on Denny’s menu as a ‘Country Fried Steak’ and I found out about it LONG tyme ago at a Denny’s near Vidalia, Georgia….the Onion Capital of the World, as well as one of the first Coca-Cola*tm plants in the USA. And I was ‘hooked’ on it. The steak…not the Coke*tm. I expect my last one was at Denny’s in Watertown, New York, and methinks that was about 25-30 years ago, hence, sooner than later (I hope) I’m gonna find out what kinda job they do on Chicken-Fried Steak/ Brantford-style. And by the bye, there is no chicken in the recipe.

T.O. Police Shooting
I heard this one on Zoomer 740-AM at 7:00 this morning (Fri 27th) and it left my pumpkin fairly spinning. First of all, it was item #6 or #7 on this news cast, so there was no ‘urgency’, OK? So…SO….this happened ONE day after the Texas shootings, OK? A man was spotted within a ‘school zone’ carrying a ‘weapon’….a gun/rifle…. in the Scarborough area and SIX schools within the Scarborough Board of Ed. immediately went into ‘Lockdown’ mode. Police arrived….I know not how many? or of any negotiations? or attempted negotiations? or anything else about the armed man? However, during the ‘confrontation/exchange” he was shot dead by Police. I don’t doubt for one minute that people/media gonna be all over the cops for this one….but not Rotzy. The dead man either 1/ had a death wish; 2/ wanted his ’15 seconds of fame’ 3/ had a very serious ‘mental health issue’, either known or unknown to him. You don’t go out walking near schools, openly carrying a rifle anytyme!….especially the day after the Texas murders!! Unlike the 18-yr old kid in Ovalde, TX….who, CNN kept/keeps on telling us (roughly quoted) ‘had no previous mental health problems’. Well sir/m’am, it says here that Texas kid was crazy as a s–t house rat…. you would HAVE to be in order to carry out the heinous slaughter of 19 innocent children and 2 wonderful teachers that he committed….not unlike a machine, or a train gone off the tracks. Sane? Not by a long shot. As to the T.O./GTA cops….good luck….the SIU will likely have your badges when they’re finished with you. As to the Texas Nightmare…and if you’re ‘current’, CNN and everybody else are laying it on (what Rotzy would call) the local Police, or one of two law enforcement groups….as it becomes/became clearer that they messed up. I mean REALLY messed up….tho it could (and should) be said ‘with the situation at hand’ they were ‘in over their heads’….and that is putting it mildly! Finding themselves ‘in charge’ whilst awaiting the Special Tactics Group to arrive….and sadly, it looks as though their decision-making process took a lot of lives! Meanwhile, a couple hundred miles north-east of Uvalde, the National Rifle Association swung open the doors for the Annual NRA Convention….Rotzy thinks it was one day (or maybe two) following the slaughter….much to the chagrin of some media and anti-NRA protesters, using words like ‘ insensitive, improper, unrespectful or too soon’. On top of that, Lee Greenwood (one of the NRA’s ‘poster boys’ in their ads cancelled his appearance for this year. Greenwood felt his appearance and his big hit song “God Bless The USA” (which is like an NRA anthem at the convention) should be cancelled out of respect. And he did. Cancel. *OK, OK, OK….enough already!!! Rotzy’s gotta shut ‘this Texas stuff’ down for a while….Jeez! y’all could come up with a list of words….nouns/verbs/adjectives and cetera….from Brant’s Ford to Duff’s Corner, and still not get the right one! Tyme out!!!

My ”F/N” mentor told me about 10 or 15 years ago “If you’re having a problem with the column”….like ‘writer’s block’, ‘getting stuck’ or ‘same olde/same olde’ (such as ‘the Texas thing’)….then write about yourself. So….SO…. *it’s 10:00AM Sunday when I said (to myself) “OK, Toad….let’s skip down front into Edna The SUV for a puff and just RELAX for five or ten”! Cool! Turned the radio onto 92.9 F/M The Grand, and it’s the news. An American reporter from Uvalde TX and he is virtually crucifying the Sherriff/Deputy Sheriff for his poor judging/handling of the school situation. Especially in NOT ‘neutralizing’ the shooter….that was a big mess-up for sure. “Hey Toad….this RELAX thingy that Lefty told us about way back when is the s–ts!! Or did we perhaps just get off to a bad start? Whoa! ‘Nuff said, ’nuff foot draggin’! Pitter-patter.

More Stuff..The Week Past
Well, ‘the jam’ finally happened….last Thursday. No….not the peanut butter and jam you might be thinking of….’twas a music jam! Rotzy and another guy from here at 555 Harris Place, in fact we were thinking of calling ourselves ‘The 555 All-Star Jam Band’. And the session was gonna be called “Hell Freezes Over”…because we had to cancel/back it off a few tymes. The ‘other guy’….William….(not his real name) and yours truly and his spare room is set up like a sound studio….he plays 4 or 5 guitars (VERY well, altho just one at a tyme) and Rotzy sat at the keyboard, which is a hundred instruments in one. I look forward to Jam #2, whenever…..however Rotzy’s ‘piano-thumping days’ are about done. Concentrate on singin’ and harmonies!

Bad Day At Black Rock
Been a while since I’ve pulled that line outta the list of “F/N” Bannerlines, and that’s just fine, because it’s always in reference to someone ‘catching the bus’. You know….passing away. Well, yesterday ayem The Hawk flew outta his nest….leaving 87 years of music, mayhem, madness and memories behind the double-decker Scenicruiser Highway Coach. He could be called The Canadian King of Rock & Roll, but Rotzy prefers The Canadian King of Rockabilly….and the only reason it’s not just The King Of Rockabilly, period is because his long-tyme friend Carl Perkins already has it. Summer Sunday nights in Port Dover at Pop Ivey’s Summer Garden….where the owner, in his white tux, would greet everybody and take their tickets at the door… 9:00, house lights dimmed, stage lights up and the guy at the microphone shouts out….”It’s Racket Tyme”!! Well, that was some ‘fine racket’, Ronnie! From 1958 or 59-onward. Thanks, y’all.

*Thought Of The Day…How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?…….. And?…. your answer is?…. Well??…. Also….would chuck need a permit from the MNR. Rotzy and Miz. Jo needed one every year. A permit.

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