November 16, 2015

Dear Richard,

We have reviewed all the activity from the past few weeks and we feel it is necessary to set some things straight.

You were invited to attend a special Executive Committee meeting to review your recent conduct towards members of the Executive. The choice of 8 different dates, between Sept 21st and Oct 2nd was given. You claimed to be unavailable for all of those dates, citing ‘Though I see little need for my attendance at such a meeting which likely has predetermined conclusions, I cannot attend any meeting before Oct. 2. “You had already declined previous informal attempts to meet and discuss these issues.

You were sent, in confidence, both a letter and copy of the minutes from the September meeting. These were sent privately and discreetly to your home.

On October 1st, you publicly posted on your blog information regarding the content of this letter.

Within the content of these documents, was an invitation to speak to any or all of the Executive Committee for clarification.

To our knowledge, you have not made a single attempt to personally address anyone on the Executive Team. Instead, you decided to make this a public issue by creating sensationalized and misleading headlines in your blog, trying to involve the general membership in mudslinging, and making a scene at the General Meeting. It appears you chose to embarrass yourself. Any so called “damage to your reputation” was brought on by your own actions.

You have spent the last month or more on a campaign to publicly tarnish and bring discredit to the Executive Committee. Rather than work with the team, you chose to work against any amicable resolution.

It has also been brought to our attention that you continue to use the Probus Membership list to contact members with unwelcome emails.

This conduct is unacceptable and unbecoming to any member, let alone one that was serving the membership in an Executive role.

Our By-Laws are quite clear – Ref. Bylaw #2 paragraph h.

Richard, you have brought discredit and discord to the membership through your disrespectful and disturbing actions. To protect the membership from any further disruption, we are revoking your membership effective immediately. Further use of the Probus Membership list is not permissible.

Melanie Hancock, President

On behalf of the Management Committee, PROBUS Pickering

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