Mob protesters? Tough call

Were they an unruly mob of angry protesters? Without a doubt, but police action was the call that the authorities had the right to make and they did. 

Protests are a right guaranteed to every Canadian by the constitution but the safety and security of citizens is the responsibility and role of the police. Recently, an angry crowd of citizens protested the federal government in relation to its mandatory vaccination policies. The crowd had the right to protest in support of any opinion they wished to promote. However, protesters should recognize the police will act when the safety and security of people are at risk. This crowd of protesters was on the verge of becoming a violent mob. It may be an overzealous jump of conclusion but the police cannot take the chance that an energetic crowd could become an energetic and dangerous mob.

The police invoking the COVID lockdown precautions tried to disband the crowd for health reasons. Protesters who opposed the police call to disband and dissolve for health safety were arrested.

The more amazing observation is to what extent or how unruly people will now go in opposition to authority or to make a point with the government leaders. These citizens may have acting with constitutional propriety but each participant whose participation was bordering on becoming violent was not acting with social good or proper political protest in mind. When protest crowds begin to become potentially violent mobs, the police should act with every means at their disposal to calm the protestors and if need be, arrest those who are violating a law or by-law. 

The police acted properly in this instance and did the right thing. Political protest is permitted in Canada but mob violence is not. Protesters should take heed as to how heated they will become in their protesting.

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