AMAZING: NOTABILITY: the best notemaking app anywhere

That Notability is not available on the WIN10 platform is our only criticism of this notemaking application.


The best notemaking app of any
 Notability is the best notemaking application for iPads, iPhones and Apple OS systems, period.

We have been using Notability daily for nearly a year and its value as a notemaking app continues to grow as we discover new features and new ways to use it.

Individuals who swear by pencil and paper notemaking are in for a treasure. Notability is pencil and paper notemaking on steroids. Anything you can do with pencil and paper is a given and scratches the surface of what this application can do.

What Notability can do

Pencil and paper
Imagine multiple pencils, many colours, varied nibs/tips. customizable writing paper, multicoloured highlighter pens and an eraser available at will. Write notes. Type notes. Relocate notes. Modify notes as you wish. Store notes without even thinking about a ‘saving procedure.’  Notability will boggle your mind with its capabilities.

Draw, sketch, doodle
Draw, as if over coffee you are sketching an idea on a napkin. Add colour, broaden the lines for emphasis, all at the “click of a pen.”

Erase with ease
Erase errors as easily as you use the eraser tip on a pencil. Even better, click on an undo command to undo what you have done; repeated clicks undo step by step. There isn’t a better way to undo errors or mental revisions. Life should have such a tool.

Photos: take ’em or retrieve them
Take photos and insert them directly into your note where you can write on them, annotate them or mark them up in colours, no less. Additionally, you can import photos from your photo gallery.

Scan and insert documents
Enhance your notes by scanning and inserting the scanned document into your note.

Speak your notes
Audio record if you prefer to make notes that way, leaving a customizable audio recording of your note, your thoughts, your ideas. [ A very minor quibble, the recording is kept in a separate log rather than being tagged for insertion directly into the note itself. ]

Search your notes
There is a search tool which will find whatever you need found in your note record, even searching hand written notes, efficiently, effectively and successfully.

Notemaking on steroids
Notability is notemaking on steroids. Handwrite, photograph, dictate, record notes in whatever way you like. Your note is recorded digitally, electronically which means you can manage it as any digital information. Export it, copy it, relocate it, erase it…do what you want.

Toilet paper roll infinity
Notability has no limit to your notetaking. Back it up for safekeeping and keep writing as if you are notemaking on a roll of toilet paper, a big, BIG, even BIGGER roll. We have used one master note for nearly a year without a hitch, without a glitch. Like keeping a journal, an endless one.

The variations and capabilities of Notability seem infinite
What Notability seems capable of doing seems endless. We discover new and amazingly productive features and uses almost daily.

The optimum setup: iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 
Our experience has shown that the ideal device for using Notability is an iPad pro; but it works well on a regular iPad. The best setup is an iPad Pro ( 11 inch ) with an Apple Pencil (vers. 2). Though an Apple pencil works best, users can use their finger/finger nail.

Notability, without reservation, is the best notemaking system of any. We challenge you to find a better, more versatile and more effective notemaking application.

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