NOTEZILLA: powerful electronic notemaking

NOTEZILLA: digital sticky notes…work better, easier and smarter.

A “must have” app if you work with computers.


Amazing power at a small price
easy to use
available in two flavours:
– FREE version: a free 30-day trial available for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
– PAID version:  $15 for desktop licensed version

[ Full disclosure: I am not associated with CONCEPT WORLD. I just find the app to be really good, essential to all my computer work.]

NOTEZILLA does all this very easily:

  • Stick a note to a website that remains there for your next visit to it;
  • Write notes on the fly, on the phone, on a brainwave;
  • Write notes on the spur of the moment, find them easily anytime you need.

Practical, easy to use, versatile and very useful:

  • Colours.
  • Store them.
  • Title them as you see fit
  • Tag them for easy searching
  • Stick them anywhere, just like post-it notes

The price of the basic version is worth every penny. Bang for the buck, immeasurable.



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