Nov 1 – Aged wisdom or criticisms for the aged(s)

Rotzy loses a beloved friend, Norm, and we ache for ya Rotzy ! And be sure to read his take on Hollywood’s latest “bullet in”…Rotzy’s dead on  right !

G’bye Norm
Rotzy and Miz. Jo bade farewell to Norm The Truck last Thurs, as Moe (not his real name) drove my/their 2007 Nissan Frontier 4×4 down to Right Choice Auto Sales on Charing Cross, (with the ‘dealer plate’ hanging on the tailgate) Norm’s ‘temporary’ new home. Jo Ann decided to ‘hang up her keys’ a while back, effectively making yours truly the ONE driver of TWO vehicles. Which, in truth, we don’t need. Two vehicles that is. And altho I consider myself a ‘quite capable driver’ I can NOT envision Rotzy operating BOTH of them at once….the other one being Edna The Equinox, aka Eddie, Ed and/or The SUV (pron. like ‘dove’, not ‘soove’) and the decision of which one to keep was a no-brainer. Norm (altho his 4.0 litre V-6 ‘runs like a top’ and has loads of scat) is 14 years old with the odometer reading 231,000 k/m vs Edna, who just turned 6 and sports a ridiculously LOW 31,000 k/m….also, even tho Norm has plenty of ‘options/extras’, it’s diddly squat compared to all of Edna’s ‘bells and whistles’….many/most of which Rotzy’s not even aware of yet! Like me needing lights after the BGG Meeting last evening….I told Miz. Jo “I don’t know how to work them….but they were on. I think’. She replied “Well they do that….automatically”. Imagine.  Cool. I’m already at the point I know how to use the ‘cruise’, overhead lamps, turn the radio on….AM AND FM….whilst the screen even tells me the title of the song/name of the singer(s), not to mention the outdoor temperature! I suppose I SHOULD go through the Owners Manual in the glove box….but….that’s too much like ‘reading instructions’ and yours truly’s never been big on going that route….until it’s needed/too late. Hey, it’s not that I haven’t driven Edna before….we used to ‘split’ the driving when we’d go from Nakina to The Big Turnip, but that was 4 or 5 years back….then from about 2016-2018 readers may recall we ‘boycotted’ The Nipigonewrong Memorial Bridge! Anyway, I’m looking forward to going down to Right Choice and seeing Norm after he’s all spiffied up….and somebody’s gonna get themselves a helluva fine 4×4. See ya, and Happy Trails, Norm.

Readers Write
You NEED to check this one out…it arrived at “F/N”HQ a couple weeks ago, but it’s still ‘current’. *This is a well written letter (word for word) from a nurse to those selfish protesters who, of all places, protested yesterday outside Vancouver General….and held ambulances up in the process. Check it out: **HOW DARE YOU. As I took the first break of my day, 7 hours into my shift, I sat and listened to the honks, yells and jeers of these people. And I cried. How dare you hold this here. Where the nurses and doctors will care for you no matter your choice. Where we are quite crumbling under your decision. How dare you say ‘my body,. my choice’ when your decision endangers so many. How dare you choose to endanger the vulnerable around you. How dare you make a choice that leaves us struggling to care for those with strokes and cancer and heart attacks and traumas and all the things that people come here for that they didn’t choose. How dare you put us in a position to have to prioritize who gets the bed, the nurse, the doctor. How dare you choose to protest in the very place that will save your sad, broken body where the very thing you’re protesting could have saved us all. I so deeply wish that we lived in a society that understood that saving lives is not a political decision. Perhaps if you knew what it felt like to have a heart stop or ribs crack under your hands, or the sound of a flat line or a widow screaming, you would choose differently and we would not have to live in a world that requires mandates. How dare you.** *note….by the bye, and as an aside here….we reached 5 Million COVID Deaths worldwide last weekend.

The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame….
….down in Cleveland, AKA ‘the mistake by the lake’, although I know not why? I mean, their NFL Browns are doing well last couple years. Never mind, you Dawgs fans….this is about the recently released list of the 2021 Inductees into The R&R H.O.F. I heard part of it this at 5:00 AM Sat on the CBC News…89.1FM (*see below). The Corps announcer said the list for The Class OF ’21 was/is perhaps longer than ever and that it’s VERY ‘diverse’….*that’s not the word he used but I’lI try to come up with it ….(a senior’s moment/brain fart)….but it alluded to a ‘wide variety’ of musicians/singers/writers. Hey, that’s fine, I’m sure they ALL deserve this recognition….well, most of them….but that’s not Rotzy’s R&R Rant. #1 Tina Turner is getting the nod! Are you kidding me!! Miss Tina is about 104 years of age….yet she can STILL ‘shake it down’! She was THEE star of the Ike And Tina Turner Show in the 50’s and 60’s and had been honoured for that…..but she became a SUPER/MEGA-Star soon as she told Ike to ‘take a hike’!….and she STILL is!! A SUPER Star. For DECADES!!! And she gets the Gold Watch (or what ever they hand out) in 2021???!!! #2 Rant The Foo Fighters get in with the same batch!! The ****ing Foo Fighters??!! Phoo Phighters you say!!?? Sorry, I don’t have any of their records. Phooey on the Foo Fighters. Tina Turner and The Foo’s in the same breath! Whoa! Rant #3 Phooey on the R&R HOF ‘Selection Committee’. Hence, I got onto Google*tm to see what I could find out about it….and the ‘odd’ thing about my findings was that someone or other has questioned the 2021 selections and left a comment of whether or not Helen Keller had anything to do with selecting this year’s Inductees? Or other years, for that matter. Carole King is another one who finally gets the nod, better late than never. Hey!! Rock on Cleveland!!

Dumb Stuff
I heard these three items on the same Sat AM newscast (*see above), and I’m not about to have a dumb/dumber/dumbest thingy here, but if the readership so desires, then be my guest. #1 The first piece comes from an Ottawa hospital, where a 66-yr old man is suffering from COVID. He’s a Metis from Saskatchewan….pretty sure they said he’s a fire chief….and one of MANY COVID patients being flown out of Sask to Ontario because of the severe hospital overload/shutdown out there. Well, the patient is raising s–t in Ottawa….his family/friends used to come visit daily out there, now nobody….it’s like when he was taken away to the residential school out there…..and his family don’t even know where he’s gone. Well, if they listen to CBC they do now….and if it’s that bad in Bytown, grab an MT plane for return flight to Saskatoon, and Bob’s your uncle! #2 Things are bad in western Canada, but not as bad as Russia. They are virtually (there’s THAT word again!) in COVID-19 Shut Down/Lock Down Mode, the entire country, everywhere/everything, I’m guessing that includes the Smirnoff Factory, so I’d imagine Vladimir Putin gets the finger of blame pointed at him. Well it says here that Comrade Putin doesn’t have the same control over the people like those Ruskie dicktators before him, tho the rest of them never had to deal with a pandemic. Whatever. Even with the mess they’re in, ONLY 1/3 of the population have been vaccinated!  And get this….of the remaining 2/3, some 50% of them are Refusniks. Nyet.  #4 Highway #6 down in Caledonia is closed/blockaded. Again. Surprise/surprise. An Indian Chief out in BC was arrested….hence ‘in support of him’ the Six Nations, led by the same ‘spokesman’ as the last closure. (*I know not if he was elected, appointed or SELF-appointed and seeing as he’s not Six Nations Chief, I’d bet on the latter) How long THIS tyme and what will the NEXT one be ‘supporting’? In the tyme being, Miigwetch. #5 Alec Baldwin shot two people a couple weeks ago….’accidental’ it says….I expect it WAS….the woman died, the man was wounded. Police have the gun, the bullet, the casing, witnesses and what have you. Baldwin’s first interview/comment was Saturday last and he intimated he’d ‘spoken with the dead woman’s family’. That’s nice, but excuse me, should SOMEONE not be charged with SOMETHING? Soon? Or does it not count/matter if it’s “Hollywood”? Hey it’s only a movie/not for real/just pretending? That must be it, huh?

*Thought Of The Day…*Cute….A T-shirt on a ‘healthy’ new baby….just a couple/few days old….”Glad To Be Out….I Was Running Out  Of Womb”.

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