On The Eleventh Hour


Remember the Canadian Vets.

Though we pause for a minute on November 11th to pay tribute to our combat vets, remember we have military acting on behalf of our nation in various parts of the world.

They are at risk every day defending what we believe in. Pause for a moment as your tribute and paying of respect to these brave women and men.


On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, we will remember.

Some of you may have been close to the conflicts around the world. Perhaps you were there yourself. Maybe you have, or had, a friend or loved one who was there.

Most of us have heard stories of different conflicts around the world. None are good, unless your story includes someone that has survived. These stories need to be passed on so that we all remember our history, our heritage and our perseverance as Canadians.

Veterans are people that have been members of our armed forces, be it on land, sea or air. Whether they serve or have served at home or abroad, they are the men and women that have devoted themselves to serving our country with dignity, strength and passion.

Not only should we remember them leading up to and during Remembrance Day, but all year long as well.

For Christmas, go to Google and look up Holiday cards or gifts for the troops. All you have to do while you’re sending out your Christmas cards, add a few more addressed to “Any Canadian Forces Member”, write a little note inside and send it off.

Many years ago my wife and I organized a box of motorcycle magazines to be sent to Afghanistan. Inside each magazine I added our name and email address, and thanked our troops for their service. One of the recipients, originating from Nova Scotia, now lives with his family in Trenton, ON and is still in touch with us through email and Facebook. Last spring during the Heroes Highway Ride I finally got to meet him face to face. What led up to sending this box of magazines is another story for another time.

Support our Troops. Wear red on Friday.

Thank a vet. They appreciate you reaching out to them.

Bruno G


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