New Year’s resolutions: BEING OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE


Optimism and acting positively !

What will you do next year ?


Thank goodness November is over. The US election portends world-shaking changes, in government, in society, in international relations and human relations. Trumpism, alt rightism, and so many other negative isms nibble at the fringes of our society. Great changes are very likely imminent and many may be unfavourable. Stay optimistic, act positively. You matter!

The evil that walks amongst us in the form of world leaders who bomb helpless people, of political leaders who oppose refugee immigration for fear of terrorism, of social leaders who remain silent as racists defile mosques and synagogues, even here in Canada. We cannot eradicate all evil. We can fight it, we can speak out against it, we can kick it in the shins and we should.

Nurture the candle of hope: hope that our world can be improved; hope that our society can be changed positively; hope that we can improve conditions even where we live. Each of us can help a little: give to the poor; donate to charities; give to the local food bank; choose your initiative. Recycle your garbage, reuse rather than discarding, re-gift rather than disposing. It will be a gift to our planet, a gift to ourselves and a gift to others who are more needy.

We can affect changes. We can make the world a better place for future generations. Just as “one vote is of no value” has no validity, so too your one act of anything positively impacts on the world. Hang an ornament on a window; light a light on a tree visible to others; sing “Hallelujah” as an ode of joy.

In the spirit of the season, make just one resolution to make the world a better place by your one act, no matter how small, no matter how trivial you may think it may be. It will have impact and it will affect change in the world because you are that important to the world.

Merry Christmas and Best New Year.



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