Get Moving

 COVID news: twenty-four, seven
Enough is enough. Stop! I’m beggin’
Our mind, body, energy drained
Need to keep ourselves sustained

We are anxious and also stressed
We rarely bother to get dressed
We stay home, we read and we eat
Watch TV, wither and sleep

Mind and body, health declining
Lazy boy, we snooze, reclining
We’re over-tired and over-fed
Some days we don’t get out of bed

Keeping our health is our new goal
It requires great self-control
Motivation is our new key
For each of us: retiree

Break this cycle, state of affairs
Stand and walk, up and down your stairs
No stairs? One lap of your dwelling
Then sit down with breath expelling

Next time you stand, do twice the stair
Breathe deeply, filling lungs with air
Walk and get your blood a-moving
Even now, health improving

Each time you stand, an extra lap
Once before and once post-nap
Twice or Thrice, go round the block
If you feel the need, then stop

Neighbour’s garden, you surveying
Hear the birds and children playing
Exercise will clear your head
Tone your limbs, each step you tread

COVID will not last forever
Start preparing now, endeavour
To get fit at any cost
Make up for the time we lost

Flourishing years, thirty or more
Will take me to my best-before
Retirement: there’s much to do
Hope you feel the same way too

Move yourself, our health is key
Our goal, to grow old, gracefully
Exercise the body and brain
Prepare now for life again

                        Ⓒ Howard Pell 2020

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