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I recently returned from a lovely two weeks in Cuba where my ereader and I tanned in the sun every day for hours. My ereader was borrowed from the local library…what a delectable reading banquet it is too. And not once did it complain about the bright sun light, the heat of that sun, or its lack of being slathered in sun lotion.

But consider what I got. I went into my local branch a couple of days before departure, got directed to where they kept the laminated ereader sheets, sheets WHICH list all the books on a particular reader. I have to guess that there are more than 2 dozen books on each reader and the selection is amazing: current releases, best sellers, and old goodies too. Many different genres on the same reader, humour, romance, spy thriller, biography and again more.

PILE OF BOOKSI read books like I eat potato chips, unfortunately only the latter stay with me. But I am getting better. Years ago, I wouldnt remember any book which I had bought and brought on a trip, usually abandoning it wherever I had been, leaving it in some hotel’s travelers ‘ library with the hope that someone else would enjoy it also. Nowadays, I tend to remember something more than just the colour of the cover of the book. Quite often I can recall the title and sometimes even the author. This may be due to my joining a book club…at the local library no less…but that’s another story !

Anyway, Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath…read it, liked it. Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand…read it, liked it a lot. Terry Fallis’ The Best Laid Plans…read it, a Canadian author who American’s ought to discover but they likely wouldnt understand much about our political system. Donna Tart’s The Secret…read it, hated it. Between the book club and the ereaders I am devouring books at a prestigious rate and lovin’ it.

But I digress. The ereaders are a major convenience. The size of a small tablet, a bit larger than the average hand, but these things carry a library book shelf of books. And no heavy tomes in hand either, just a light ereader, perhaps 8-10 oz., easily held in one hand. In fact, as you become more and more adept at using it, you can even turn pages with just one hand on the unit.EREADER

And if you ever hear someone telling you that these gadgets are useless in the bright sun, I was even told that I would have to throw my beach towel over my head to cut out the sun’s glare. Baloney !  You can read in the noon sunshine, the late day dusk and in the dimly light room at night. These things are blessings to a reader like me with a spouse who is a like sleeper. You end up carrying the equivalent of a library book shelf all in the grasp of a couple of fingers with no real weight to speak of.

OWL WITH EREADERIf you haven’t tried an ereader, get over to the PICKERING PUBLIC LIBRARY and get a librarian to help you out…ask Terry, or Kyla, or Claire…ooooo, I am such a name dropper. I know all the important people at the librarian’s desk at the local branch. And you will too after just a few visits!

Bon appetit…oops, I mean “Good reading!”



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