VIS A VIS: PIZZA the way it should be

Technology really kicks things up a few notches when it comes to baking a great pizza.

 Vis – a – Vis
1101 Kingston Rd., Unit 85
 Though it’s a franchise, it’s a franchise with pride in providing an outstanding product. In this case, it’s wood oven pizzas almost as good as nonna’s but from a really modern and advanced oven.  The technology bakes a pizza with a crispy crust that is delightful and delicious. If the other food is as good as their pizza, this eatery is a winner.  They have a “special” price lunch which changes every day.  Monday was Margherita pizza and to say it was delicious is really understating it. Along with making all their pizza ingredients from scratch owner, Mir prides himself on producing all his pasta in-house. This is egg noodle pasta that dissolves on the tongue and melts away in your mouth. This restaurant knows good food needs the fresh ingredients and proper preparation. At Vis a Vis, you get it, outstanding preparation, delicious product and properly priced.

     As it just opened very recently,  the kitchen and wait staff are still working out the kinks. So wait times may be a bit long, but this place will be a great success in a short period of time.
      I suggest trying them just before lunch. Otherwise, you will be competing with the office worker crowd which is growing daily as word spreads.
      Lunch pricing is 11:00 – 3:00.
      Vis a vis isn’t romantic dinner, tablecloth and ambience. It’s a simple eatery that specializes in outstanding pizza.
     Really enjoyed it,
Jan V.
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