Richard and Fermo recovering slowly…

Both Richard and Fermo had serious surgeries in early July, perforated gall bladder and major dental work.

We are both recovering slowly, though Fermo is mending faster than I am.

Fermo has completed his prescription protocol and seems almost back to where he was before. He can go for daily walks and saunters around the back yard, slower and with less stability than before, but each day better and better. In short, he may be back to about 90-95%. Thank goodness.

Richard’s gall bladder surgery has seen a very slow recovery, particularly as there is an external drain plugged into the abdomen constantly draining excess bile. Unfortunately, it makes the abdominal area very sensitive and ceaselessly painful, not major but like a toothache, constant and ongoing. The prognosis is this type of surgery takes months to get back to normal. Grrr…not much can be done but grin and bear it. Extra strength Tylenol only dulls the ache.

May I take this opportunity to extend my appreciation and thanks to all the friends and site visitors who have sent cards, messages and phoned with support? I have even had the mayor’s wife personally advise us as to what we should be doing ( she is a retired RN ) and Ann Ryan, Mayor Dave’s wife even provided us with their personal phone number saying call anytime if we need more help. With that kind of great support, it makes the recovery more bearable. We really are amazed and very appreciative of the number of supporters who have expressed their best wishes for a speedy recovery with emails, cards, and phone calls.. 

Thank you, everyone.




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