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Update: The category has been updated from “SCAMS” to

“Scams” a notable topic here in the past, is still very important. However, the topic has been broadened to include how these thieves will steal your money or your information.

The best action if it sounds “too good to be true” is to give it a pass. If it is a phone call, hang up. Reject the offer. Leave it alone for now.

Be very sceptical and be wary or cautious, everywhere. On your computer, getting into your car, just walking down the street. They lurk in many places so be wary at all times.

Again, thieves are getting bolder and more devious. They may not be after your car, but instead, want your money. Be more aware when getting into your car. Develop good auto habits: give the rear passenger area a quick glance before getting in right away; when shopping, put parcels into the trunk, out of sight; put your auto into the garage at night instead of parking in the driveway.


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