TUCKER, Sheila E. – Canadian poet, author, artist, broadcaster

A poet, a published author, a graphic designer and a broadcaster…Sheila Tucker is creativity unleashed.

Sheila E. Tucker is a poet and author. Originally from England, she settled in Canada in 1985. She studied English at the University of Toronto and worked as an editor/graphic designer for an international firm for 18 years. She is published in anthologies, magazines and newspapers, and is the founder of Poetry&Prose, a monthly open mic in Oakville.

Rag Dolls and Rage
Three-year-old Sheila was a secure, affectionate child, living with doting grandparents and several fun-loving teenaged uncles and aunts in an old house near the English seaside. Her idyllic life consisted of hugs, sandcastles and helping Nana roll pastry. Twelve months later, Sheila was terrified, lost, and abused in a grey, grim house, by a strange man her mother insisted she call “Daddy.” After a year of terror, Sheila was rescued by her aunt, but by then the damage was done.

Rag Dolls and Rage is Sheila’s coming-of-age journey through fear, brokenness and self-hatred, towards peace, forgiveness and love. It’s the story of a woman who travelled the world seeking risky adventure to escape her past, before finally revisiting the painful memories buried deep inside her. Rag Dolls and Rage is a powerful, uplifting memoir of hope, healing and resilience.

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