1. Become a “flyer fiend” and use them!
    Collect flyers all the time and bring them with you when you shop 2014-10-19_17h56_59
  2. Comparison shop to see where the deals are.
  3. Know your prices to pay the lowest price.
  4. Stock up on non-perishables when the prices are good.
  5. Mark price on purchased products to avoid paying higher prices in future.
    shopping list
  6. Shop with a list and stick to it.
  7. Avoid buying every bargain in sight…do you really need it?
  8. Try the “house brands;” sometimes they are as good as the name brands at a
    much lower price.
    (PC Plus, Select)
  9. Share membership at places like Costco; why pay for unnecessary memberships.
  10. Consider buying in bulk/larger sizes when advantageous; buy by the case, box, etc. but only ‘non-perishables.’
  11. Avoid shopping when you are hungry.
  12. Reading weekly ads; doing price comparisons.
  13. Buying small portions of meats; having veggie only dinners more often.
  14. Freezing leftovers into meal sized portions for quicker meal preps later.
  15. Prepare weekly menus in consultation with the published specials of the week.
  16. Comparison shop and buy in bulk whenever a product you use regularly is on sale.
  17. Ask about senior’s discount if it applies to you.
  18. Certain stores,certain day discounts: Bulk Barn, WED, Shoppers Drug Mart, THURS.

More money saving tips coming SOON.

These tips come from Shopping PRO’s:
Dolores F., Kathy W., Barbara T., Judy H., Patricia S., Barbara R., Nadia G., Jan M. and Joanne B.

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