I sat on a park bench today.. .





I sat on a park bench today, near some seniors. Each “COVID-distanced” away, so I felt safe. And I listened…

I sat at one park bench and heard…

“I don’t read the news, watch TV news anymore.”
“The Internet is dangerous, so I don’t do anything online.”
“All news is fake news.”
“Nobody’s going to scam me.”
“I don’t need to learn that. That’s useless, a waste of time.”

Archie Bunker lives among us. He’s just aged.

I moved to another park bench and heard

“I’d like to try that, sounds interesting.”
“Hey, I’m giving it a whirl.”
“I might be able to do that…maybe I could.”
“Hmm, why not? Maybe I can too.”
“I can do it.”

Here’s what I’ve learned…
For some people, each day is misery, discouragement and depression. For some people, each day is more miserable than than the previous…today is worse than yesterday. Tomorrow’s going to be even worse…

Then there are other people...
Life’s a joy, for some people. Smiling’s the norm, for some people. There’s spring in the step of some people. Optimism and happiness glow off of the faces of some people. Each day is a new adventure, for some people.

Some people live with hope and optimism, eager to learn something new each day, to try something new each day. They are positive about each new day. They’re bodies of sunshine…rays of sunlight in a COVID-gloomy world, bright sunbeams in the grey of ageing.

Where will you sit today?


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2 Responses to I sat on a park bench today.. .

  1. Good point. I’ve noticed the same, that some folks are born complainers and appear trapped in their own sad minds. I’ve also found that trying to subtly change their perception is hopeless. Maybe I’m just a poor “salesperson” or maybe they’re too far gone.
    Thank heavens there are many more who live to love, live to create, live to LIVE – yes, Richard, let’s be like the latter group. : – )

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